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Income inequalities have grown in most countries over the past three decades. The objective to achieve inclusive growth is at the top of many governments’ agendas because high levels of inequality negatively affect well-being and growth. Addressing the needs of policymakers, the aims of the project are to:

Provide evidence on the impacts of innovation and knowledge-based economies on income inequality; and
Develop concrete policy solutions to help reconcile innovation and inclusive growth.

In 2013-14 the project focused on how innovation could serve inclusive development, including policy options for scaling up inclusive innovations in education and other key sectors. The project focused on China, Colombia, India, Indonesia and South Africa, but also explored experiences of OECD countries and other economies. The findings of this initial phase are synthesised in the publication "Innovation Policies for Inclusive Growth" released in June 2015.

In 2015-16, the project focuses on:

  • Innovation policies and inclusive growth (module 1).
  • Novel approaches for innovation to support development (module 2).

For more details on the modules' content, download the project's short description or the Inclusive Innovation Brochure.

In order to develop concrete policy solutions, the project has developed a framework to analyse innovation and relevant policies from the perspective of industrial, social and territorial inclusiveness. The figure to the right provides an outline of the main trends. Related work includes the National Intellectual Property Systems, Innovation and Economic Development project which supports countries in strengthening the contributions their IP systems can make to socio-economic development and the Assessing the Impacts of Public Research Systems project.

For more information about the current activities of the project, contact inno4dev@oecd.org

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Latest News

OECD Ministerial Meeting Daejeon 2015 and World Science & Technology Forum, Korea
The event brought together both developed and emerging nations to create a partnership for achieving global cooperation in science and technology, aiming for sustainable and inclusive growth.. The project’s findings will contribute in particular to policy discussions around the break out session on global inclusiveness. Visit the event’s website.

OECD Review of Malaysia’s National Intellectual Property System
The report “Boosting Malaysia’s national Intellectual Property System for Innovation” was released on September 28th. More information on the project’s page


Boosting Kazakhstans National Intellectual Property System for Innovation

Boosting Kazakhstan’s National Intellectual Property System for Innovation

17 August 2016

This report analyses Kazakhstan’s IP system with regards to its support of the country’s innovation performance. In particular, it assesses the organisation and governance of Kazakhstan's IP system as well as the needs and challenges faced by different groups of actual and potential IP users – ranging from universities and public research institutions to state-owned enterprises and small businesses. The review provides a comprehensive set of statistics describing the use of IP in Kazakhstan in recent years, identifies the system’s strengths and weaknesses, and presents a range of specific policy recommendations to address existing challenges.

More information can be found here

Boosting Malaysia's National IP System for Innovation

Boosting Malaysia's National Intellectual Property System for Innovation

28 September 2015

In order to attain its objective of becoming a high-income economy by 2020, Malaysia is engaged in efforts to enhance the performance of its innovation system. A range of challenges need to be addressed and different policy tools can help in this respect. For this purpose the national intellectual property (IP) system can play a pivotal role. 

More information can be found here

Innovation Policies for Inclusive Growth book cover June 2015

Innovation Policies for Inclusive Growth

18 June 2015

This report looks at a variety of inclusive innovation initiatives and innovative products aimed at improving the welfare of lower-income and excluded groups, notably in terms of essential public services (education, infrastructure and health).

More information can be found here.

Innovation and Inclusive Development conference discussion report

Innovation and Inclusive Development

21 November 2012, Cape Town

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