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Marine Biotechnology at the OECD


Marine biotechnology can be thought of as the use of marine bioresources as the target or source of biotechnological applications. This broad understanding of marine biotechnology thus includes both traditional forms of marine biotechnology like aquaculture and modern forms such as bioremediation, production of biofuels and genetic modification of fish. The field has already yielded some notable and wide ranging advances in the fields of medicine, cosmetics, nutraceuticals, food production, and environ-industrial applications. For more information on this work, please download the flyer..


New work at the OECD on ‘Challenges to Ocean Productivity’


The current project will be broad in scope, focussing on the application of new science and technology (including ‘omics ) to ocean productivity.  We will look at how we can derive value from marine bioresources - given the breadth of marine biotechnology this is expected to touch on things like biosensors, bioremediation, biofuels, biodiversity, bioprospecting, and molecular aquaculture.  We will also study how advances in genomics science can be developed to confer social and economic benefit, and ecosystem services.  Finally we will turn to  the challenges to ocean productivity: the tensions between the need to protect marine resources and the need and challenge to developing them.  Our goal is to provide a broad base for identification of areas which could benefit from further policy work in order enable the field of marine biotechnology to contribute to social and economic wealth and national prosperity. 


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The OECD Global Forum on Biotechnology : Marine Biotechnology - Enabling solutions for Ocean productivity and sustainability - 30-31 May 2012


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