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  • 4-August-2005


    The Statistical Measurement of Services: Recent Achievements and Remaining Challenges

    Statistics Working Paper N. 12 - 2005/2 - This paper discusses the policy needs to understand the impact of services on the performance of modern economies, some of the most pressing measurement problems, and it summarises recent actions undertaken by international organisations and expert groups to address these issues.

  • 19-January-2005


    OECD-China Governance Project: The Institutional Arrangements for the Production of Statistics

    Statistics Working Paper N. 11 - 2005/1 - The purpose of this paper is to provide an overview of recent discussions on the quality of Chinese data, and to describe and evaluate the institutional organization and methods of data compilation in China. The first part outlines key criticisms of Chinese data and examines their validity. The second part describes the institutional organization of statistical data compilation in China--with

  • 2-December-2004


    Measuring Atypical Jobs: Levels and Changes

    Statistics Working Paper N. 10 - 2004/1. This paper presents a new classification of atypical working arrangements, developed by Istat, the Italian Statistical Institute.

  • 20-December-2003


    OECD Capital Services Estimates: Methodology and a First Set of Results

    Statistics Working Paper N. 9 - 2003/6 - This paper presents the concepts underlying capital services measures, describes estimation methods and produces a first set of results. It also raises a number of outstanding conceptual issues in relation to capital services measures.

  • 18-December-2003


    Comparing Labour Productivity Growth in the OECD Area: The Role of Measurement

    Statistics Working Paper N 8 - 2003/5 - This paper examines how measurement problems affect international comparisons of labour productivity. It suggests that these measurement problems do not significantly affect the assessment of aggregate productivity patterns in the OECD area. However, these problems do influence the more detailed assessment of productivity growth, notably the role of specific sectors and demand components in

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  • 6-September-2003


    Measurement of Output, Value Added, GDP in Canada and the United States: Similarities and Differences

    Statistics Working Paper N. 7 - 2003/4 - This paper provides, in a summary fashion, similarities and differences in the production accounts of Canada and the United States. The discussion is limited to those issues which affect the level of output, value added and GDP, both at the total economy level and by industry or sector, all at current prices. We have noted 27 issues, distributed under four broad headings: A). An examination of

  • 15-August-2003


    Short-Term Economic Statistics in China: Sources and Methods

    This Statistics Directorate and Centre for Co-operation with Non-Members Working Paper N. 6 - 2003/3 contains a detailed description of the methodology used in the compilation of some key short-term economic statistics of China. The subjects covered are: national accounts, industrial production, commodity output, business tendency surveys, consumer sentiment surveys, construction, retail sales, labour, wages, prices, public finance,

  • 18-April-2003


    Statistical Developments and Strategies in the Context of E-Government

    This Statistics Working Paper N. 5 - 2003/3 has been written as a contribution to the OECD e-government project launched in 2001, which explores how governments can best exploit information and communication technologies (ICT) to enhance good governance principles and achieve public policy goals. The paper highlights the way in which the collection, compilation and dissemination of statistics has changed dramatically as NSOs have

  • 7-March-2003


    Household Wealth in the National Accounts of Europe, The United States and Japan

    Statistics Working Paper 2003/2 - The objective of this paper is two fold: 1) present comparable results for household financial and non financial assets and liabilities for Europe, the USA and Japan,2) analyse the change in the composition of household gross ...

  • 6-March-2003


    Report of the OECD Task Force on Software Measurement in the National Accounts

    This Statistics Working Paper N. 3 - 2003/1 confirms that current estimates of software investment differ significantly between countries for pure statistical reasons, thus affecting the comparability of GDP.

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