Measuring Well-being and Progress: Working Papers



The measuring well-being and progress agenda calls for new and improved statistics, aimed at complementing standard economic statistics and developing indicators that have a more direct bearing on people's life. The OECD is working to advance this agenda through the range of statistical working papers listed below.


Cast a Ballot or Protest in the Street - Did our Grandparents Do More of Both?

How Should One Measure Economic Insecurity?

Measuring well-being and progress in countries at different stages of development

Measuring income inequality and poverty at the regional level in OECD countries

Can increasing inequality be a steady state?

Four interpretations of social capital: an agenda for measurement

Home sweet home: the determinants of residential satisfaction and its relation with well-being

Distributional Measures Across Household Groups in a National Accounts Framework

A Cross-country Comparison of Household Income, Consumption and Wealth between Micro Sources and National Accounts Aggregates

Human capital, tangible wealth, and the intangible capital residual

More than the sum of their parts: valuing environmental quality by combining life satisfaction surveys and GIS data

Approaches to Measuring the Stock of Human Capital: A Review of Country Practices

What makes for a better life? The determinants of subjective well-being in OECD countries: evidence from the Gallup World Poll

Exploring determinants of subjective wellbeing in OECD countries - evidence from the World Value Survey

Linking policies to well-being outcomes through micro-simulation


Incorporating estimates of household production of non-market services into international comparisons of material well-being

Measuring the stock of human capital for comparative analysis: an application of the lifetime income approach to selected countries

Measuring the joint distribution of household's income, consumption and wealth using nested Atkinson measures

Developing societal progress indicators: a practical guide

A framework to measure the progress of societies

Indicators of "societal progress": lessons from international experiences

How good is trust? Measuring trust and its role for the progress of societies

Alternative Measures of Well-Being




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