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  • 8-April-2014


    From growing inequalities to inclusive growth

    OECD analysis shows that income inequality has been on the rise in most OECD countries since the 1980s, which often means growing exclusion in the labour market, lower intergenerational social mobility, and greater polarisation in educational and health outcomes.

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  • 23-March-2014


    Promoting a Fair and Sustainable Welfare System in China

    China is currently strengthening its social safety nets and creating a modern welfare state. A minimum income standard is in place for all residents, and nearly everyone benefits from at least some measure of health insurance. But going forward, further reforms are needed to meet the demands of an increasingly urban population, said OECD Secretary-General in Beijing.

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  • 10-October-2013


    Shaping the post-crisis global economy

    There is no simple remedy for fixing the post-crisis global economy. But three key ingredients for sustainable long-term growth are jobs, equality and trust, said OECD Secretary-General in Washington.

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  • 23-September-2013


    Recovering Trust as a Key to Effective Public Policy

    Public trust is the cornerstone of effective governance, the main ingredient to promote economic growth and social progress. Like never before, our citizens have doubts about their government’s capacities to make the right decisions. Therefore, we need to take the necessary measures to recover that confidence, said OECD Secretary-General.

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  • 18-September-2013


    Tackling Inequalities in Development Policies

    Development aid policies have helped developing countries reduce extreme poverty, strengthen institutional frameworks and develop a middle class. But there are still 2.4 billion people living in poverty and inequalities in many countries are still at record levels, and in some cases rising, said OECD Secretary-General.

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  • 28-May-2013


    People First! - Secretary-General's Opening Remarks to OECD Forum 2013

    This OECD Forum and the Ministerial Council Meeting that follows, are precisely about people. This is the raison d’etre of this event: the wellbeing of our people. So be confident, you are at the right place, this Conference is about you, and your families, and your friends, and their dreams, fears and opportunities, said Angel Gurría.

  • 17-avril-2013


    Vers une économie mondiale plus forte, plus propre et plus juste : l’humain avant tout !

    La crise a eu un impact dramatique sur des millions de familles, en particulier sur la jeunesse. Il est plus que temps de placer l’humain au cœur de nos politiques et de nos stratégies économiques afin de créer une croissance dont tout le monde puisse bénéficier et qui préserve l'environnement, a déclaré le Secrétaire-Général de l'OCDE en ouverture du Forum du Nouveau Monde.

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  • 3-April-2013


    Together We Stand: Inclusive Growth

    Our economic growth models have not equitably distribute benefits. Inequalities were brewing under the surface prior to 2007 and increased almost everywhere even during periods of sustained economic growth. We need to reverse this trend, said OECD Secretary-General.

  • 5-February-2013


    OECD-Korean Development Institute Joint Conference on Korea’s Social Policy Challenges

    Korea is well known for its successful transition from hardship to prosperity and technological prowess. This amazing transformation and strong economic performance have allowed the country to make important progress also in the social sphere. However, like most of the members of the OECD, Korea still faces significant challenges to building an equitable and inclusive society.

  • 17-December-2012


    Closing the Gender Gap: Act Now!

    OECD Secretary-General Angel Gurría gave opening remarks at the launch of the OECD report, "Closing the Gender Gap: Act Now!"

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