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  • 10-October-2011


    Addressing the social impact of the crisis

    Urgent action must be taken by the governments to tackle high unemployment and growing inequality. Good-quality social policies, particularly those addressed to the most vulnerable, should be seen as sound investments to promote economic growth and well-being, according to Angel Gurría.

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  • 5-October-2011


    OECD Debate at the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe

    Tackling the employment challenge and the rise in inequality, the most urgent issues for policy-makers, could be achieved within the current public budgets by using more in-work benefits, or improving equal access and quality of education and training said Angel Gurría.

  • 27-September-2011


    G20 Labour and Employment Ministers’ Meeting (26/09/2011)

    Policies that promote job creation, better job opportunities and well-functioning social safety nets are crucial for helping the many who are still struggling to find jobs. These policies are not just spending items in a strained public budget. They are a vital social investment for the future, to help move our economies onto a path of sustainable economic growth and well-being.

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  • 6-July-2011


    Better policies for an inclusive and green world economy

    The OECD @ 50 strives to improve the prospects of growth and welfare in Member and partner countries, encourages civic participation and equality of opportunities, and seeks to realign the economy with the environment, said Angel Gurría.

  • 21-June-2011


    Going social: A framework for growth and social cohesion in Korea

    Sustaining economic growth is certainly important to promote social cohesion but growth alone cannot solve all problems. Instead, well-targeted social policies are essential to promote social cohesion and reverse the upward trend in income inequality. This is the “go social” challenge facing Korea, said OECD Secretary-General in Seoul.

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  • 24-May-2011


    Exiting from the Crisis: Towards a Model of More Equitable and Sustainable Growth

    Mr. Gurría underlined the importance of tackling the challenges of unemployment and inequality. He said: “we need a more inclusive and greener model of growth based on sound institutions… And we must focus even more in our relations with social partners to reach such joint goals”.

  • 24-May-2011


    Your Better Life Index

    This innovative and interactive tool will enable you to rate your country on those things which make for a better life, according to your personal experience and criteria. We think it will make a significant contribution to help connect policy-making to human progress, said OECD Secretary-General.

  • 18-mai-2011

    Français, , 1,765kb

    South-South Labour Migration in West Africa, by David Khoudour-Casteras

    Presentation on South-South Labour Migration in West Africa given by David Khoudour-Casteras (in French).

  • 11-May-2011

    English, , 962kb

    Milly Odongo - Should social cohesion be set as a policy objective?

    Milly Odongo's presentation at the Experts’ meeting on Social cohesion in Africa in Rabat, Morocco, 13 April 2011.

  • 11-mai-2011

    Français, , 602kb

    Said Hanchane - La non qualification et l’emploi des jeunes : Quels défis pour le régime de cohésion sociale marocain?

    Said Hanchane's presentation at the Experts’ meeting on Social cohesion in Africa in Rabat, Morocco, 13 April 2011.

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