• 5-May-2015


    Senescence in the City - OECD Insights blog

    Blog: Anecdotal evidence suggests there are loads of grumpy old men and women around. A new, evidence-based report from the OECD offers some clues as to why this should be.

  • 4-May-2015


    More and better jobs for an inclusive recovery

    The world is still repairing the damage done to employment prospects and social equality by the crisis. Governments are trying to create not just more jobs, but better jobs. A new OECD framework helps them to define what job quality means and to measure whether their policies are succeeding.

  • 13-November-2014


    What an inclusive recovery needs is more, and better, jobs

    Time progresses inexorably. Six years have already elapsed since the onset of the global financial crisis, and employment in many countries is still far below its pre-2008 levels. Even for people who still have jobs, working conditions have deteriorated. Until recently, we were decrying a jobless recovery, but now the data suggest that growth itself may be fading in several countries.

  • 31-mars-2014


    L’égalité hommes-femmes peut stimuler l’économie

    Dans tous les pays, il est difficile de concilier activité professionnelle et vie de famille, mais cela est d’autant plus vrai au Japon. Encore plus qu’ailleurs dans l’OCDE, les Japonais et les Japonaises doivent choisir entre famille et travail. Les hommes choisissent le travail, les femmes moins, mais dans l’ensemble, les naissances sont rares et l’emploi des femmes est trop faible.

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  • 12-March-2014



    Inequality is a multi-dimensional challenge, it goes beyond income and it affects the well-being of our people. Evidence now tells us that the levels of inequality are becoming an impediment for progress, and that action is needed on many fronts. Tackling inequalities continues to be our core business for economic reasons, for fair societies with equal opportunities, and not least for the well-being of our citizens.

  • 4-March-2014

    English, PDF, 1,183kb

    Financing the unfinished business of gender equality and women’s rights: priorities for the post-2015 framework - Short brief

    This brief analyses investments by OECD Development Assistance Committee (DAC) donors in six policy areas that are priorities for the post-2015 agenda because of their catalytic impact on achieving gender equality and women’s rights: girls’ education; sexual and reproductive health and rights; women’s economic empowerment; women, peace and security; women’s participation and leadership; and, violence against women and girls.

  • 12-July-2013

    English, PDF, 1,012kb

    Balancing Economic Efficiency and Social Equity, as published by the Japan Economic Foundation

    Why Should We Care about High & Growing Inequality? How Unequal Are OECD Societies? Has Gap between Rich & Poor Widened? Possible Culprits in Growing Divide - What OECD Evidence Tells Us about Main Culprits - Importance of Tax/Benefit Systems - What Was the Impact of the Recent Great Recession? What Can Policies Do to Reduce Too-high Inequality?

  • 5-July-2013


    Emerging unrest

    Street protests are back on the global political scene. Do these movements reflect a frustrated middle class who feel the chill of the global economic crisis? Or are there more profound shifts at play?

  • 21-mai-2013


    Répondre aux défis

    Comment renforcer l’emploi et la cohésion sociale ? Le Premier ministre norvégien estime que des actions urgentes sont nécessaires pour éviter l’exclusion du marché du travail de toute une génération de jeunes. Il faut également s’attaquer à la question de la répartition des revenus pour protéger les plus vulnérables et garantir une plus grande égalité des chances dans l’ensemble de nos pays.

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  • 15-mai-2013


    Le défi du capital humain en Russie

    Pour soutenir la croissance économique, la Russie doit développer son capital humain, ce qui implique des réformes structurelles des secteurs de l’éducation, de la santé et des retraites.

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