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  • 10-May-2011

    English, , 296kb

    Mohamed Douidich - Menaces à l’intégration sociale : mesure, rapport à la satisfaction, cartographie et déterminants

    Mohamed Douidich's presentation at the Experts’ meeting on Social cohesion in Africa in Rabat, Morocco, 13 April 2011.

  • 22-March-2011

    English, , 689kb

    The Southward Shift in International Migration: Social Challenges and Policy Implications

    Paper by Jason Gagnon, David Khoudour-Castéras and Victoire Lefebvre, OECD Development Centre

  • 20-January-2011

    English, , 2,076kb

    DEV Working Paper No. 295: The Economy of the Possible: Pensions and Informality in Latin America

    Social protection coverage is quite low in Latin America. This situation represents a challenge for public policy since these low levels of affiliation and irregular contribution histories indicate that pensions will be insufficient in the coming decades.

  • 3-décembre-2010


    Atelier sur l'intégration des immigrés au Ghana

    Cet atelier sur l'intégration des immigrés en Afrique de l'Ouest et plus particuliérement au Ghana rassemble chercheurs et décideurs pour partager leurs expériences et perspectives afin de développer des politiques favorisant une meilleure intégration des immigrés.

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  • 26-novembre-2010


    Les études sur l'égalites des genres

    Les travaux du Centre de développement de l'OCDE montrent les multiples liens existants entre le renforcement des capacités des femmes et le développement durable. Le Centre de développement propose ainsi des nouveaux indicateurs sur les inegalités entre hommes et femmes.

  • 30-September-2010

    English, , 1,760kb

    DEV Position Paper No. 2: Gender inequality and the MDGs: What are the missing dimensions?

    Depsite significant progress in some areas of the MDGs, ongoing gender inequality continues to hamper momentum on all the goals, not just MDG 3. MDG 3 fails to capture the full range of gender inequalities, and the gender dimensions in several other MDG targets have not been recognised.

  • 5-August-2010


    David Khoudour-Casteras

    David Khoudour-Castéras is an economist at the OECD Development Centre, where he has coordinated the work on international migration since April 2010. He particularly manages the MacArthur Foundation-funded project on Effective Partnerships for Better Migration Management and Development.

  • 31-May-2010


    Gender events

    Past events (gender)

  • 27-April-2010

    English, , 440kb

  • 12-March-2010


    Atlas of Gender and Development: How Social Norms Affect Gender Equality in non-OECD Countries

    The "Atlas of Gender and Development: How Social Norms Affect Gender Equality in Non-OECD Countries" was launched during the International Workshop "Gender Equality and Progress of Societies" on 12 March 2010.

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