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  • 2-May-2011


    Building a fairer future: the role of social policy

    “The global recovery is gathering momentum but this progress will not bear fruits if governments fail to tackle the social crisis,” said Mr. Gurría at the opening of the Ministerial Meeting of the OECD’s Employment, Labour and Social Affairs Committee.

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  • 27-April-2011


    Besseres für die Familien erzielen

    Doing Better for Families webpage in German.

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  • 27-avril-2011


    Assurer le bien-être des familles

    S'appuyant sur un large éventail de sources, cette publication construit et analyse différents indicateurs du bien-être de la famille dans les pays de l’OCDE.

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  • 27-April-2011


    Society : Safeguard social support for poorest families, says OECD’s Gurría

    Poverty in households with children is rising in nearly all OECD countries...

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  • 28-September-2010


    Israeli Child Policy and Outcomes (Social, Employment and Migration Working Paper No. 104)

    This working paper presents an overview of child policy in Israel. It covers a wide range of services and policies that are intended to further the wellbeing of children in Israel or that have an impact upon the wellbeing of children.

  • 16-September-2010

    English, , 587kb

    Can social policy make a difference to the quality of life?

    Presentation at "Different dimensions of the quality of life, Turning Economic Growth into Better Quality of Life in Europe" Brussels on 14th September 2010.

  • 4-March-2010


    Overview of Gender Differences in OECD Countries

    This document gives a detailed overview of gender differences in OECD countries on main employment and social issues: women in OECD countries earn 18% less than men, only about one-third of managerial posts are held by a woman, many more women work in part-time jobs than men...

  • 20-January-2010

    English, , 653kb

    Doing Better for Children: Presentation to the Polish Parliamentary Social Policy Committee

    Presentation of child well-being indicators in Poland compared to selected OECD countries, policies for the under age 3’s, effects of sole-parenthood on child outcomes, intergenerational inequality and policy recommendations to enhance child well-being.

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  • 1-septembre-2009

    Français, , 398kb

    Assurer le bien-être des enfants : Éléments clés pour la France

    La France dépense beaucoup pour les enfants, plus que la moyenne OCDE. Malgré des dépenses élevées, ce rapport de l'OCDE montre que certains résultats des enfants en France sont à la traine, particulièrement dans l’éducation.

  • 1-September-2009

    German, , 46kb

    Doing Better for Children: Pressemitteilung

    Deutschland gibt viel Geld für Kinder aus, erzielt in vielen Bereichen aber nur unterdurchschnittliche Ergebnisse. Finanzielle Unterstützung für Familien so hoch wie in kaum einem anderen OECD-Land – Ausbau von Kinderbetreuung und frühkindlicher Erziehung sollte weiter vorangetrieben werden.

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