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  • 4-May-2015


    Mr. Angel Gurría, Secretary-General of the OECD, in Ljubljana on 4 May 2015

    Mr. Gurría presented the 2015 OECD Economic Survey of Slovenia and met with the Slovenian President, Prime Minister and several government officials.

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  • 17-February-2011


    Conference: Improving social inclusion at the local level through the social economy. Presentation of the OECD report (Ljubljana, Slovenia)

    This conference presented the report prepared for Slovenia as part of the OECD LEED "Improving social inclusion at the local level through the social economy" project in the framework of the Forum on Social Innovations.

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  • 1-juillet-2009


    Visite officielle du Secrétaire général en Slovénie (Ljubljana, 30 juin - 1er juillet 2009)

    A l'occasion de sa première visite officielle en Slovénie, le Secrétaire général de l'OCDE, Angel Gurría, a présenté l'Etude économique de la Slovénie.

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  • 25-November-2003

    English, , 105kb

    Conference on “Women Entrepreneurs and Social Innovation”, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 9-10 December 2003

    Click here to download the draft agenda of the OECD LEED event, organised in collaboration with the CEI-EBRD, the Municipality of Ljubljana, the Association ZAVOD M.E.T.A. and the Slovenian Ministry of Economy.

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