Promoting youth inclusion and empowerment


Giving Youth a Voice

What difference will youth make in public life and governance?

  • Youth (15-29) exceed 30% of the working-age population in most Middle East and North Africa (MENA) countries – In Jordan, for instance, 70% of the population are under 30.
  • Young men and women in the MENA region face the highest youth unemployment levels in the world and express lower levels of trust in government than their parents.
  • Policies can drive or impede the well-being of youth. Many of the challenges that young men and women face actually arise from exclusive public governance arrangements. 
  • Major impediments to youth engagement in public life include;

≥ the disenchantment of youth with formal political participation; 
≥ the fragmented delivery of youth policy across government; and
≥ the absence of youth-disaggregated data resulting in poorly tailored policies.

The Deauville Partnership

  • The project will support Jordan, Morocco and Tunisia in fostering a more active and inclusive engagement of young men and women in public life over three years (2016-19).

How does the OECD support MENA countries under the Mena Transition Fund project?

When governments team up with youth their needs are more likely to find their way into public policies and services. The OECD supports Tunisia, Morocco and Jordan in:

  • Formulating and implementing national youth policies through a review of public governance frameworks for youth policy and engagement.
  • Increasing the impact of youth policies by linking related strategies to clear objectives, indicators, mandates, timeframes and budgets.
  • Strengthening youth representative bodies by giving them a real stake in decision-making.
  • Allowing for new forms of youth engagement across the policy cycle (e.g. digital technologies, participatory budgeting etc.).


The project provides for country-specific activities and opportunities for regional policy dialogue and knowledge exchange among MENA and OECD member countries.

OECD support will draw on insights the Programme has gained through its work on open and inclusive governance, gender equality and participatory governance at the local level. It will further contribute to OECD work on investing in youth for economic growth, social cohesion and widespread well-being.





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