Local Governance in Tunisia


The new 2014 Constitution states that the Tunisian government should engage in a decentralisation process throughout the national territory and provides a redefinition of competencies with an increased autonomy assigned to local authorities.

With local authorities assuming a driving role in the social and economic development of their region, a new distribution of roles and competencies between the central government and local communities and between different local authorities will become necessary. Moreover, for local authorities to be able to exercise their new competencies, considerable capacity challenges need to be tackled and overcome.

The OECD supports Tunisia in the decentralization process, with particular focus on improving across levels of government frameworks, strengthening coordination between sectors and levels of government, and addressing regional disparities.


Programme outputs;

  1. Disseminate the principles of good governance at local level
  1. Promote citizen participation at local level
  1. Support decentralization reform for an inclusive subnational development



Past Activities

Projects in support of local governance in Morocco and Tunisia
24- 26 May 2016

Une meilleure gouvernance locale pour un développement régional inclusif en Tunisie
28 avril 2016

Le système de statistiques territoriales au service de la conception et la mise en oeuvre de politiques de développement local et régional
19 et 20 novembre 2015

Quelle réforme de la gouvernance publique pour un développement local et régional meilleur?15 et 16 juin 2015


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