Integrity and Anti - Corruption


Gaining the trust of citizens towards their Governments and Public Institutions 



Governments in the MENA region are leading reforms that aim to develop and implement policies that promote integrity and good governance, prevent and fight corruption.

Corruption in MENA countries is an obstacle as it

  • Hinders the efficiency of public services.

  • Impedes confidence and trust in public institutions.

  • Wastes government resources.



The MENA-OECD Governance Programme works hand in hand to develop accountable, responsive and inclusive governance frameworks.


1 - Regional Dialogues

These projects involve several MENA countries and aim to assess countries needs based on context specific analysis and review. It allows for the tailoring of optimal policy recommendations that meet the needs as well as cultural specificities of the country. 

This programme actively assists countries in the implementation of these policies on the ground using concrete tools to reinforce integrity and fight corruption


2 - Country Projects 

These projects are carried out at a national level between a specific country and the OECD.

We are currently involved in distinct integrity Projects in Tunisia and Morocco aiming at:




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