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Bridging the digital gender divide

While digital technologies offer leapfrog opportunities and help empower women, gender-based digital exclusion remains widespread and has many causes. The report Bridging the Digital Divide: Include, Upskill, Innovate is an effort by the OECD, working with the G20, that aims to provide policy directions for consideration by all governments. It analyses a range of drivers at the root of the digital gender divide in order to draw attention to critical areas for policy action.

Digital economy outlook

The Digital Economy Outlook 2017 looks at policy implications of the digital transformation and shows how Internet infrastructure and usage vary across countries and firms in the OECD area.

This edition focuses on:


  • Going digital: an introduction to the digital transformation with a discussion of how it affects multiple policy areas, a presentation of key policy and measurement building blocks that could develop an integrated policy framework, and an analysis of the current state of national digital strategies being implemented across the OECD.

  • Policy and regulation: an overview of policy trends in the areas of access and connectivity, usage and skills, digital innovation and digital risk and trust, identifying the most common policy measures and instruments, good practices and challenges to be addressed.


The next production revolution

The Next Production Revolution: Implications for Government and Business examines the opportunities and challenges, for business and government, associated with technologies bringing about the "next production revolution”. The technologies considered in this report, from information and communication technologies and robots to new materials, have more to contribute to productivity than they currently do. Often, their use is predominantly in larger firms. And even in those firms, many potential applications are underused.  

Key emerging technologies considered in the report are:

The report also looks at several cross-cutting themes: