Luc Weber


Luc Weber is President The Glion colloquium.  Educated in the fields of economics and political science, Luc has been Professor of Public Economics at the University of Geneva since 1975. As an economist, he serves as an advisor to Switzerland’s federal government, as well as to cantonal governments, and has been a member of the Swiss Council of Economic Advisers for three years. Since 1982, Prof. Weber has been deeply involved in university management and higher education policy, first as vice-rector, then as rector of the University of Geneva, as well as Chairman and, subsequently, Consul for international affairs of the Swiss Rectors’ Conference. He is the co-founder, with Werner Hirsch, of the Glion Colloquium and vice-president of the International Association of Universities (IAU). He is also a founding Board Member of the European University Association (EUA). He served for eight years on the Bureau of the Steering Committee for Higher Education and Research of the Council of Europe and was its chair over the last two years. Prof. Weber was recently awarded an honorary degree by the Catholic University of Louvain-la-Neuve for his contribution to Higher Education.


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