Kari Suokko


Kari Suokko, LL.M., is Head of Administration, University of Helsinki. ,From 2001, Kari Suokko has worked as the Head of Administration in the University of Helsinki. In his position Suokko is a member of the management group of the University and the head of the Administration Office, and is responsible for the functioning of the central administration of the University. 
Kari Suokko has participated in the planning and implementation of numerous development projects in the University of Helsinki. In 2002–2003, a working group led by Suokko implemented a significant and structurally comprehensive reform of faculty and administration structures. Suokko has also been in charge of tasks such as the implementation of the new salary system in the University of Helsinki. Moreover, Suokko heads the implementation of the productivity programme required by a Government resolution, with regard to which an evaluation of the University administration and support services was conducted in 2005 at Suokko’s suggestion. In addition, Kari Suokko has worked in co-operation with the Ministry of Education on several occasions.  Kari Suokko’s responsibilities include the co-operation between the administrative sectors of Finnish universities as well as Nordic and international co-operation. Suokko has moreover participated in international co-operation through the EU and has been a member and deputy chairman of the OECD/IMHE organisation, as well as actively participated in the activities of IMUA and HUMANE organisations.  Kari Suokko has published numerous articles on data protection, data security and publicity of documents, as well as on current university affairs in various periodicals and newspapers.


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