François Ronday


François Ronday is l'Administrateur (translation of General Secretary in other Universities) of the University of Liège since 2005.

François Ronday was born in Liège, Belgium in 1948 and left Belgium in 1971 after a master degree of engineer in physics and a master degree in oceanography from Liège University. He studied numerical hydraulics in Ottawa,Canada. Back in Liège he received his PhD in applied sciences in 1976. He became assistant professor at the Insitute of physics in 1975. After post doctoral fellowships (1977-78) in France (Ecole nationale d'Hydraulique of Grenoble) and another in USA (Florida State University, 1978), he worked as assistant professor and lecturer in physical oceanography, meteorology and air-sea interactions. He was mainly interested in numerical modeling of large systems and became in 1991 Director of informatics of the Faculty of Sciences. In 1999, complementary he received the charge of administrative director of the Institute of physics.

After years of teaching environmental fluid dynamics and managing the informatisation of the Faculty of Sciences, he was designated by the Board of the University as L'Administrateur (the General Secretary) of the University. François Ronday has the mission to execute of the decisions of the Board with the exclusion of those dedicated to the Rector. In practice, he must coordinate the Administrations of finance, human resources and building facilities.


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