Aims McGuinness


Aims McGuinness is at senior associate with NCHEMS, a private nonprofit policy center in Boulder, Colorado.  At NCHEMS, he specializes in state coordination and governance of higher education and advising state governments on long-term strategies to improve the effectiveness of their education systems and linking education to the state’s future economic competitiveness and quality of life. Prior to joining NCHEMS in 1993, he was a senior staff member for 17 years at the Education Commission of the States (ECS), one of the principal sources of policy advice on education reform for state governments. On the international level, he has served as rapporteur for OECD reviews of education policy in the Dominican Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Turkey, rapporteur for an OECD review of regulatory policy in tertiary education in Korea, and an examiner for OECD reviews in Ireland and the Russian Federation. He is a consultant to the World Bank on governance of higher education related to the Technical/Engineering Education Quality Improvement Project in India. McGuinness earned his undergraduate degree in political science from the University of Pennsylvania, an MBA from The George Washington University, and a Ph.D. in social science from the Maxwell School, Syracuse University.


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