Isabelle Moulherat


Project Assistant

Isabelle Moulherat supports the International Innovative Learning Environments project. She joined the OECD in 2007. She started at the Directorate for Financial Affairs (DAF/Corporate Affairs Division), the International Energy Agency (IEA/ Emergency Planning and Preparedness Division) and joined the Directorate for Education and Skills in 2009 (TALIS, Mexico and GPS projects).

Before joining the OECD, Isabelle had been working for 25 years in an international environment: Shipping industry, Textile Industry, Tourism (luxury sailing cruising ships) and NGO’s such as Médecins du Monde-International and the UN-World Food Programme. She was involved in the creation of most of those companies and/or structures, and her work successfully supported their developments.  

Isabelle holds a diploma as a trilingual secretary [French, English, German BTS] from the Ecole Nationale de Commerce de Paris. Life-long learning and personal development are top priorities for her, in both her professional career and private life. She is is very interested in foreign languages and Education, new technologies, humanitarian affairs, sustainable development.


Contact details

OECD Directorate for Education and Skills
2 rue André Pascal
75575 Paris Cedex 16
Tel: +33 1 45 24 18 72
Fax:+ 33 1 44 30 63 94


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