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  • 26-February-2010


    Current Developments/Activities on the safety of Manufactured Nanomaterials: Tour de Table at the 6th Meeting of the Working Party on

    This is intended to provide delegations and other stakeholders with a “snapshot” of information on activities related to manufactured nanomaterials, as well as other activities on nanotechnologies, at the national and international level.

  • 24-November-2009


    UNITAR/OECD/ IOMC Awareness-Raising Workshop for Developing and Transition Countries on Nanotechnology/Manufactured Nanomaterials

    Following the recommendation from the ICCM2 (SAICM), OECD and UNITAR agreed to hold a series of “IOMC/OECD/UNITAR Awareness-Raising Workshops for Developing and Transition Countries on Nanotechnology /Manufactured Nanomaterials” in conjunction with SAICM regional meetings during 2009/2010

  • 6-November-2009

    English, , 826kb

    Guidance for the use of OECD Database on Research into the Safety of Manufactured Nanomaterials

    The Database on Research into the Safety of Manufactured Nanomaterials (the Database) develops a global resource, which identifies research projects that address human health and environmental safety issues associated with manufactured nanomaterials.

  • 27-August-2009


    Guidance Manual for the Testing of Manufactured Nanomaterials: OECD's Sponsorship Programme: Number 14

    This Guidance Manual for the Testing of Manufactured Nanomaterials, is a “living document” and as such, it will be updated and amended in an iterative manner based upon knowledge accumulation as the testing programme and Dossier Development Plans (DDPs) work progresses.

  • 9-July-2009

    English, , 271kb

    EHS Research Strategies on Manufactured Nanomaterials: Compilation of Outputs

    This document comprises the compilation of output documents that have been produced duringthe course of the work of the project, and that can be useful to a wider audience, in addition to the WPMN.

  • 9-July-2009

    English, , 288kb

    Emission Assessment for the Identification of Sources and Release of Airborne Manufactured Nanomaterials in the Workplace: Compilation of Existing Guidance

    This document should be seen as a component of the overall work of the programme on the safety of manufactured nanomaterials, which is been developed by OECD’s WPMN.

  • 9-July-2009

    English, , 4,583kb

    Report of an OECD Workshop on Exposure Assessment and Exposure Mitigation:Manufactured Nanomaterials

    This document is the report of the OECD Workshop on Exposure Assessment and Exposure Mitigation, which was held on 20 October 2008, in Frankfurt, Germany. This report includes a summary of the plenary presentations as w

  • 9-July-2009


    OECD Conference on Potential Environmental Benefits of Nanotechnology: Fostering Safe Innovation-Led Growth

    This conference, which took place in Paris on 15-17 July 2009, will significantly contribute to accelerating OECD’s current efforts for fostering “green” and innovation-led growth in nanotechnology.

  • 17-April-2009

    English, , 282kb

    Preliminary Analysis of Exposure Measurement and Exposure Mitigation in Occupational Settings

    This report provides preliminary analyses and recommendations as well as brief summaries of background documen

  • 3-April-2009

    English, , 483kb

    Nanosafety Research Database Brochure

    As part of the OECD activities to promote international co-operation in addressing human health and environmental safety aspects of manufactured nanomaterials, the OECD has developed a global resource which details research projects that address safety issues of manufactured nanomaterials. This database holds details of completed, current and planned research projects on safety, which are to be updated and managed electronically by

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