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Canberra Group on Capital Stock Statistics - March 1997


Canberra, 10-14 March 1997


Summary record of conference on capital stock measurement , Canberra, 10-14 March 1997

Agenda item III: Review of Country Practices

Doc 01 : German practices in estimating capital stock - Federal Statistical Office, Germany
Doc 02 : Estimation of the capital stock in Norway - Statistics Norway
Doc 03 : Review of country practices - U.K. contribution - UK Office for National Statistics
Doc 04 : Fixed capital stock in the Swedish national accounts - Statistics Sweden
Doc 05 : Estimate of capital stocks, depreciation and formation of gross fixed capital in Mexico - INEGI, Mexico
Doc 06 : National wealth survey in Korea - National Statistical Office, Korea
Doc 07 : Australia's methodology for compiling estimates of capital stock and consumption of fixed capital - Australian Bureau of Statistics
Doc 08 : Computation of capital stock estimates in Singapore - a methodological note - Singapore Department of Statistics
Doc 09 : Definitions and methodology used in Denmark for estimating capital stock and consumption of fixed capital - Statistics Denmark
Doc 10 : Capital stock measurement in New Zealand - Statistics New Zealand
Doc 11 : Statistics on tangible capital stock - direct observations at Statistics Netherlands - Statistics Netherlands
Doc 12 : Fixed capital flows and stocks, historical - Statistics Canada
Doc 13 : Capital stock in Argentina - measurement and conceptual problems - Planning Secretariat - President's Office of the Argentine Republic
Doc 14 : Methods for evaluation of capital stocks and consumption of capital assets in Russia - State Committee of the Russian Federation on Statistics
Doc 15 : Some peculiarities of capital stock reproduction in Russia in 1992-1996 - State Committee of the Russian Federation on Statistics
Doc 16 : The measurement of gross domestic fixed capital formation in Indonesia - Central Bureau of Statistics, Indonesia
Doc 17 : Estimation of the capital stock and investment matrix in Indonesia - Central Bureau of Statistics, Indonesia

Agenda item IV: Concepts of Capital

Doc 18 : Concepts of capital for production accounts and for wealth accounts: the implications for statistical programs - US Bureau of Economic Analysis
Doc 19 : Developments in fixed capital stock: 1960-1995 - South African Reserve Bank
Doc 20 : From pleioscene to plasticine - the age of capital measurement - World Bank
Doc 21 : Economic depreciation in the SNA - Peter Hill, (consultant to ABS)

Agenda item V: PIM - Practices and Problems

Doc 22 : Depreciation in the national accounts - OECD
Doc 23 : Mortality and survival functions - OECD
Doc 24 : The use of the perpetual inventory method in the U.K.; practices and problems - UK Office for National Statistics
Doc 25 : Computer prices: how good is the quality adjustment? - OECD

Agenda item VI: Alternative Approaches

Doc 26 : How to measure tangible capital stock? - Statistics Netherlands
Doc 27 : Disinvestments - Statistics Netherlands
Doc 28 : Suggestions for simplified fixed capital stock calculations at Statistics Sweden - Statistics Sweden
Doc 29 : An account of the U.K.'s research into direct collection as an alternative to the perpetual inventory method - UK Office for National Statistics

Agenda item VII: Experience with Multifactor Productivity

Doc 30 : Australian capital stock estimates as input into multifactor productivity analysis: a 'wages policy' perspective - Flinders University of South Australia
Doc 31 : Estimating capital inputs for productivity measurement: an overview of concepts and methods - US Bureau of Labor Statistics
Doc 32 : How should capital be represented in studies of total factor productivity - OECD
Doc 33 : Total factor productivity growth in Singapore - methodology and trends - Singapore Department of Statistics

Agenda item VIII: Balance Sheets

Doc 34 : Australian National Accounts: National Balance Sheet, 30 June 1995 (ABS Cat. No. 5241.0) - Australian Bureau of Statistics
Doc 35 : The London Group: Aims and functions

Agenda item IX: New Measures of Capital

Doc 36 : Australian National Accounts: Implementation of SNA93 changes to gross fixed capital formation and the asset boundary - Australian Bureau of Statistics

Background Papers

Doc 37 : Reform of the measurement of all aspects of fixed capital - Statistics Canada
Doc 38 : The measurement of business capital, income and performance - W. Erwin Diewert


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