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OECD Global Science Forum Workshop on Best Practices in International Scientific Co-operation


12-14 February 2003, Tokyo, Japan


At the 6th meeting of the GSF held in January 2002, the Japanese delegation offered to host a Workshop on Best Practices in International Scientific Co-Operation under the auspices of the OECD Global Science Forum. Following a discussion at the 7th meeting of the GSF in June 2002, this initiative was endorsed by the Forum.



Policy makers need practical information and recommendations for planning and implementing new multinational scientific research projects. In response to this need, a number of studies have been undertaken in recent years, aimed at investigating international collaboration as a subject in its own right. Their goal has been to extract lessons and best practices for the benefit of those (both scientists and government officials) who seek to optimize future collaborative research projects. The studies have been undertaken in Europe, Japan, Korea, and the United States.

The purpose of the workshop was to review these studies, and to enrich their results through examination of additional examples of international scientific cooperation, notably those considered in recent years by the Megascience Forum and Global Science Forum.

Four case study sessions were convened on topics that were identified by the Global Science Forum as being of particular importance:

- Review and comparison of existing studies that have focused on the sharing of major scientific tasks
- Designing, building and operating a large-scale facility
- Creating, linking, and maintaining large databases
- Other important issues in international scientific co-operation

Speakers were asked to prepare a list of the most important lessons learned, and best practices. The Chair of each session compiled an integrated list based on the presentations, and these were considered at a 2-hour General Discussion on the afternoon of the second day of the workshop. Under the leadership of the workshop Chairs, a final compilation of lessons and best practices was extracted. The closing session (on the third day) was open to the public. It featured a panel discussion, and presentations from distinguished speakers.

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