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Knowledge networks and markets (KNMs)


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Knowledge networks and markets are arrangements which govern the transfer of various types of knowledge, such as intellectual property, know-how, software code or databases, between independent parties across the economy. The OECD's KNM project studies existing and emerging knowledge allocation mechanisms and their impact on knowledge creation, dissemination and use. The assessment of the economic significance of KNMs informs an evidence-based approach to science and innovation policy making.

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Project outputs

Final synthesis report on Knowledge Networks and Markets
OECD Science, Technology and Industry Policy Paper
19 June 2013



Conference on Knowledge Networks and Markets
Paris, 26-27 November 2012
Agenda | Webcast
Event held back-to-back with the OECD Conference on Patent Statistics for Decision Makers

Expert Workshop on Patent Practice and Innovation
Paris, 10-11 May 2012

Workshop on Measuring the Use and Impact of Knowledge Exchange Mechanisms
Alexandria, Virginia, United States, 14-15 November 2011

Workshop on Knowledge Networks and Markets
Paris, 15 June 2011


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This project has been partly funded via a voluntary contribution by the European Commission through its 7th Framework Programme, under the “Making the most of knowledge – KNOWINNO” project grant number 257078.




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