• 10-February-2015


    International Conference on Innovation for Inclusive Growth

    This event, to be held on 10-12 February 2015 in New Delhi, will be a forum for high-level discussion and policy exchange among stakeholders concerned with the question of how innovation can best serve inclusive development.

  • 14-décembre-2010


    Science, technologie et industrie : Perspectives de l'OCDE 2010 - notes pays sur la science et l'innovation

    Cet ouvrage propose une description en matière de science et d’innovation de chacun des pays de l’OCDE et de certains pays non membres. Les graphiques permettent à chacun de visualiser certains de ses points forts et faibles par rapport au profil d’autres pays.

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  • 4-juin-2007


    L’OCDE appelle les pouvoirs publics à agir fermement vis-à-vis de la contrefaçon

    Les gouvernements doivent travailler plus étroitement avec les entreprises et renforcer leur action répressive face au gonflement des échanges mondiaux de produits contrefaits et piratés, selon un nouveau rapport de l’OCDE.

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  • 31-May-2005


    Dynamics of Biotechnology Research and Industry in India: Statistics, Perspectives and Key Policy Issues (STI Working Paper 2005/6)

    This paper provides an inventory of biotechnology data collection in India, including an assessment of how the need for biotechnology-related statistics is being addressed. It also presents an overview of the status of biotechnology in India, with a focus on the agricultural and health sectors.

  • 27-May-2004


    Human Resources in Science and Technology in India and the International Mobility of Highly Skilled Indians (STI Working Paper 2004/7)

    This paper provides estimates of the stocks and flows of human resources HRST in India, and their breakdown by education and occupation. It provides estimates of the number of highly skilled people moving to India and out of India in the 1990s, mainly to the US.

  • 22-April-2004


    Migration of Highly Skilled Indians: Case Studies of I.T. and Health Professionals (STI Working Paper 2004/6)

    This paper describes the results of two specific primary surveys, one of IT professionals in the city of Bangalore and their role in making the city a corridor for international mobility of Indian professionals, and the second a survey of health professionals in New Delhi....