Politiques sur la biotechnologie

Biotechnology Statistics - Poland


Collection/compilation agency: Ministry of Scientific Research and Information Technology, Department of Science Strategy and Development

Collection/compilation type: Government biotechnology data collection (questionnaire).


  • R&D expenditures
  • Human resources
  • Revenues
  • Patent applications
  • Number of companies.

Scope: Business enterprises and research institutes.

Frequency: Regular, the first time in 2004 (reference year 2003).

Periodicity: Annual.

Classification used: The indicators in the survey are classified by application sector; nine categories were chosen (health, agriculture and food processing, environment, forest products, bio-informatics, mining/energy/petroleum/chemicals, aquaculture and other).

Definition used: OECD definition of biotechnology.

Output: Results expected by the end 2004.

Contact comments: N/A

Future plans (plans for new collections, strategies, experiences etc.): New collections in 2005 and 2006.

Contact details: http://www.mnii.gov.pl/


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