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  • 30-September-2009

    English, Excel, 376kb

    Why does the United States spend so much more on health than other countries?

    The United States spent 16% of its national income (GDP) on health in 2007, which is by far, the highest share in the OECD. This presentation was given by Mark Pearson, Head of OECD Health Division, to the U.S Senate Special Committee on Aging.

  • 9-August-2009

    Slovak, Excel, 1,115kb

    OECD Health Working Papers No. 28 (in Slovak)

    Slovak translation of Health Working Paper No. 28: "Pharmaceutical Pricing and Reimbursement Policies in Sweden", by Pierre Moïse and Elizabeth Docteur.

  • 19-June-2009


    Health Working Paper No. 46: Education and Obesity in Four OECD Countries

    OECD Health Working Paper No. 46 presents the findings of health survey data from Australia, Canada, England and Korea. It shows that education appears to be associated with a lower likelihood of obesity, especially among women.

  • 17-June-2009


    Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) in Health Systems- Case studies

    This OECD project is concerned with identifying main blockages and policies, incentives, or institutional arrangements under which ICTs can deliver the desired efficiency and quality improvements.

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  • 15-mai-2009


    Les pouvoirs publics doivent renforcer leurs efforts pour venir en aide aux personnes les plus vulnérables face à l’aggravation du chômage

    Il est urgent que les pouvoirs publics adaptent leurs politiques du marché du travail afin de soutenir les citoyens les plus fragilisés par la crise économique.

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  • 2-mai-2009


    Forum à Haut Niveau sur la maladie, l'invalidité et le travail : les défis politiques pour les pays de l'OCDE, 14-15 mai 2009

    Un Forum à Haut Niveau sur la maladie, l'invalidité et le travail : les défis politiques pour les pays de l'OCDE aura lieu à Stockholm les 14-15 mai 2009.

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  • 24-March-2009


    Obesity: past and projected future trends in OECD countries HWP 45

    'The Obesity Epidemic: Analysis of Past and Projected Future Trends in Selected OECD Countries' (2009) Franco Sassi, Marion Devaux, Michele Cecchini and Elena Rusticelli

  • 23-March-2009


    Long-term care workforce: overview

    In the context of ageing societies, the importance of long-term care (LTC) is growing in all OECD countries. This working paper offers an overview of the LTC workforce and reviews country responses to a growing demand for LTC workers.

  • 11-March-2009


    OECD Health Working Papers No. 43 - Measuring Disparities in Health Status and in Access and Use of Health Care in OECD Countries


  • 20-February-2009


    OECD Health Working Paper No. 42 - Policies for Healthy Ageing: An Overview

    This paper reviews policies in the area of healthy ageing. It begins by defining health ageing and related concepts, such as active ageing. The paper then groups healthy ageing policies under four types and describes their programmes for improving the health status of older people.

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