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  • 15-juin-2011


  • 27-April-2011


    Society : Safeguard social support for poorest families, says OECD’s Gurría

    Poverty in households with children is rising in nearly all OECD countries...

  • 21-avril-2011


    Relever le défi du vieillissement et des pathologies multiples

    Conference organisée dans le cadre du cinquantenaire de l’OCDE conjointement avec le Comité consultatif économique et industriel (BIAC). Paris, le 22 juin 2011.

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  • 20-April-2011


    OECD Health Working Paper No. 56. Description of Alternative Approaches to Measure and Place a Value on Hospital Products in Seven OECD Countries

    To assess the feasibility of using secondary data sets information to feed an output-based PPP approach for hospital services, we reviewed the main characteristics of diagnoses and procedures coding standards, DRG classification systems, and cost-finding methods used in selected OECD countries.

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  • 6-April-2011

    English, , 243kb

    The Lancet article - Priority actions for the non-communicable disease crisis

    A call to action for governments to tackle non-communicable diseases, such as cancer, heart disease and diabetes was announced today in The Lancet.

  • 7-February-2011


    OECD Health Working Paper No. 55: Mortality Amenable to Health Care in 31 OECD Countries: Estimates and Methodological Issues

    The mortality amenable to health care is defined as a possible indicator to measure the health care systems performance in preventing premature deaths that can be avoided by appropriate health care intervention. This paper assesses the feasibility of using this indicator in OECD countries.

  • 30-November-2010


    ELS Seminar Series

    The OECD Employment, Labour and Social Affairs Directorate has launched in September 2008 a series of seminars open to both external and internal speakers. It is intended to be an informal forum for discussion of policy-oriented empirical research work among policy-makers, academics and OECD staff.

  • 15-November-2010

    English, , 319kb

    Chronic Diseases: Chronic Diseases and Development 3

    This article published in The Lancet highlights the fact that the obesity epidemic is spreading to low-income and middle-income countries as a result of new dietary habits and sedentary ways of life, fuelling chronic diseases and premature mortality.

  • 8-octobre-2010


    Santé : améliorer les soins de santé est vital pour la croissance à long terme

    Le Secrétaire général, Angel Gurría, recense les enjeux clés examinés par les ministres de la santé et les responsables de la santé venus de quelque 35 pays qui se sont réunis à l’OCDE cette semaine.

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  • 7-October-2010


    OECD Health Policy Studies - Value for Money in Health Spending

    This publication examines current efforts to improve health care efficiency, including tools that show promise in helping health systems provide the best care for their money.

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