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  • 16-March-2017


    A System of Health Accounts 2011 - Revised edition

    A System of Health Accounts 2011: Revised Edition provides an updated and systematic description of the financial flows related to the consumption of health care goods and services. As demands for information increase and more countries implement and institutionalise health accounts according to the system, the data produced are expected to be more comparable, more detailed and more policy relevant. It builds on the original OECD Manual, published in 2000, and the Guide to Producing National Health Accounts to create a single global framework for producing health expenditure accounts that can help track resource flows from sources to uses. It is the result of a collaborative effort between the OECD, WHO and the European Commission, and sets out in more detail the boundaries, the definitions and the concepts – responding to health care systems around the globe – from the simplest to the more complicated.

  • 20-février-2017


    Politiques de santé

    La Division de la santé à l'OCDE analyse la performance des systèmes de santé et étudie les options politiques permettant de remédier aux problèmes de performance. Cette page liste les projets analytiques en cours.

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  • 20-February-2017


    Measuring health coverage

    OECD governments have to decide whether they want to cover more services at a limited reimbursement rate, or whether they want to extend more the financial protection for a limited number of services.

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  • 15-February-2017


    Graph of the Month

    The OECD Health Division is releasing a new series to highlight its work on health policies and data. A new graph will be available each month.

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  • 8-February-2017



    Pharmaceuticals have undoubtedly contributed to improvements in life expectancy and quality of life of many patients, but recent trends on increased spending and soaring launch prices of new medicines raise a number of concerns.

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  • 1-février-2017

    Français, PDF, 861kb

    Lutter contre le gaspillage et intégrer les nouvelles technologies - Présentation à l'Ajef

    Lutter contre le gaspillage et intégrer les nouvelles technologies - Présentation à l'Ajef lors de la sortie du rapport, 12 janvier 2017.

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  • 1-February-2017


    Caring for Quality in Health - Lessons Learnt from 15 Reviews of Health Care Quality

    Over the past four years, the OECD has conducted a series of in-depth reviews of the policies and institutions that underpin the measurement and improvement of health care quality in 15 different health systems. This synthesis report draws on key lessons from the OECD Health Care Quality Review series. The objective is to summarise the main challenges and good practices to support improvements in health care quality, and to help ensure that the substantial resources devoted to health are being used effectively in supporting people to live healthier lives. The overarching conclusion emerging across the Health Care Quality Review series concerns transparency. Governments should encourage, and where appropriate require, health systems and health care providers to be open about the effectiveness, safety and patient-centredness of care they provide. More measures of patient outcomes are needed (especially those reported by patients themselves), and these should underpin standards, guidelines, incentives and innovations in service delivery. Greater transparency can lead to optimisation of both quality and efficiency – twin objectives which reinforce, rather than subvert, each other. In practical terms, greater transparency and better performance can be supported by changes in where and how care is delivered; changes in the roles of patients and professionals; and employing tools such as data and incentives more effectively. Key actions in these three areas are set out in the twelve lessons presented in this synthesis report.

  • 30-janvier-2017

    Français, PDF, 1,370kb

    Lutter contre le gaspillage dans les systèmes de santé : Synthèse

    Cette synthèse est une traduction partielle en français du rapport et contient l’avant-propos, les remerciements, la table des matières, le résumé ainsi que le chapitre 1.

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  • 18-January-2017


    Health Working Papers

    The OECD Health Working Papers series is designed to make available to a wider readership health studies prepared for use within the OECD.

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  • 17-janvier-2017

    Français, Excel, 307kb

    Déclaration ministérielle 2017 de l'OCDE sur la santé

    Nous nous sommes réunis pour confronter nos points de vue et les solutions envisagées afin d’élaborer et de mettre en oeuvre la Prochaine génération des réformes de la santé. Nos discussions se sont inscrites dans le cadre des ambitions définies par les Objectifs de développement durable. (...)

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