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  • 2-July-2014


    Issue No. 21, July 2014

    Latest OECD Health Division Newsletter, focusing on health expenditure, obesity, reviews of Health Care Quality, the new website for Health Systems Characteristics, global co-operation to address Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia, and upcoming publications.

  • 1-July-2014


    Health-care expenditure and health policy in the USA versus other high-spending OECD countries

    The USA has exceptional levels of health-care expenditure, but growth slowed dramatically in recent years, amidst major efforts to close the coverage gap with other OECD countries.

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  • 30-juin-2014


    Les dépenses de santé recommencent à augmenter mais restent faibles en Europe, selon l’OCDE

    Les dépenses de santé ont recommencé à augmenter, après avoir stagné, voire reculé, dans de nombreux pays de l'OCDE pendant la crise, mais à un rythme qui reste bien inférieur au taux avant la crise, notamment en Europe, selon les Statistiques de l’OCDE sur la santé 2014.

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  • 25-juin-2014


    La République tchèque devrait améliorer les soins primaires et la prévention pour faire reculer les maladies chroniques, selon l’OCDE

    Renforcer les soins de santé primaires et les programmes de prévention contribuerait à lutter contre la prévalence croissante du diabète et d’autres maladies chroniques en République tchèque, selon un nouveau rapport de l’OCDE.

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  • 19-June-2014


    Measuring health coverage

    OECD governments have to decide whether they want to cover more services at a limited reimbursement rate, or whether they want to extend more the financial protection for a limited number of services.

  • 18-June-2014


    Physicians: employment status, training and regulation

    The 2012 HSC Survey identifies policy responses to tackle possible issues with problems of physician supply in OECD countries and takes stock of the employment status of doctors, their training and various issues concerning regulations of this medical profession.

  • 12-June-2014


    Pricing and Competition in Specialist Medical Services

    The pricing of specialist and hospital services is a contentious issue in South Africa. To help inform domestic debates, the OECD Secretariat has produced a paper profiling international experiences on the pricing of specialist medical services services, competition policy and models of buying services from the private sector.

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  • 11-June-2014


    Issue No. 20, April 2014

    April edition of the OECD Health Division newsletter, focusing on Training on SHA 2011, The Latin American International Diabetes Forum and The European Diabetes Leadership Forum 2014, OECD work on Pharmaceutical Policy, Health spending, Geographic imbalances in doctor supply and policy responses, and upcoming publications.

  • 28-May-2014


    Estimating Expenditure by Disease, Age and Gender

    Expenditure by disease data based on national health accounts can provide valuable information for use in policy analysis. In order to move further in this important area, it is necessary both to refine the definitions and approach that is followed, but also to demonstrate that such accounts can be developed in a cost-effective manner under the framework of the System of Health Accounts.

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  • 27-May-2014

    English, PDF, 1,664kb

    Extension of work on expenditure by disease, age and gender: Final Report

    This Final Report focuses on the cost of illness, a contextual review of the System of Health Accounts 2011, a summary of overall data availability, background, methodology and results of the hospital expenditure modelling, allocating pharmaceutical data by disease, and allocating ambulatory expenditure by disease.

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