Fédération de Russie

Workshop on the Investment and Business Climate in the Russian Federation: A Regional Perspective


St. Petersburg, Russia, 9-10 November 2005

This workshop was organised within the framework of an OECD project on investment policy and business integrity in the Russian Federation and benefited from the support of the European Commission.  It addressed the role and responsibilities of the regions in shaping the investment and business environment and consider business integrity and private-public interaction in the fight against corruption. The workshop was structured as follows:

  • Business and investment climate in Russian regions
  • Business integrity and private-public interaction in the fight against corruption
  • Policy options for the Russian Federation and Russian regions in light of OECD experience in promoting investment and enhancing business integrity and public-private partnership in the fight against corruption

Participants from the Russian Federation included officials from the federal government and regional administrations and representatives of foreign investors and the private sector. Domestic and international governmental and non-governmental organisations were represented by participants with a particular interest in regional investment issues and anti-corruption work.

Workshop material

Please note that presentations are available in original language only.

Session I: Business and Investment Climate in Russian Regions: Setting the Stage

Session II:  Business Integrity and Private-Public Inter-Action in the Fight Against Corruption: Progress and Challenges

Session III: Policy Options for the Russian Federation and Russian Regions in Light of OECD Experience in Promoting Investment and Enhancing Business Integrity and Public-Private Partnership in the Fight Against Corruption

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Workshop organisers

For questions regarding substantive matters, please contact:

Investment - Ms. Blanka Kalinova, OECD Investment Division, Paris
Tel: 00 33-1 45 24 89 23; blanka.kalinova@oecd.org 

Business integrity - Ms. Nicola Ehlermann-Cache, OECD Anti-Corruption Division, Paris
Tel: 00 33-1 45 24 17 48; nicola.ehlermann-cache@oecd.org

For questions concerning attendance and logistics, please contact:

Mr.Thomas Dannequin, OECD Investment Division, Paris
Tel: 00 33-1 45 24 81 56; Email: thomas.dannequin@oecd.org

Mr. Filipp Chayka, St. Petersburg
Tel: 7 812 313 47 24; Fax: 7 812 313 49 00; fil@cic.spb.ru


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