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  • 2-juin-2002


    Examens de l'OCDE de la réforme de la réglementation - Royaume-Uni - Rester à la pointe du progrès : les défis à relever

    Le Royaume-Uni est l’un des nombreux pays de l’OCDE a avoir demandé à l’Organisation d’examiner ses pratiques réglementaires et ses réformes. Tout en décrivant le contexte macro-économique, cet ouvrage présente un panorama des résultats et des enjeux de la réforme de la réglementation.

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  • 1-March-2002


    Case Studies for the Handbook of Biodiversity Valuation: A Guide for Policy Makers

    These 11 country case studies are background information for the Handbook of Biodiversity Valuation.

  • 24-février-2002

    Français, , 57kb

    Suivi et évaluation des politiques publiques en matière d’infrastructure scolaire (Royaume-Uni)

    Richard Wilkinson Head of Schools Capital Policy Department for Education and Skills, United Kingdom

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  • 31-December-2001

    English, , 317kb

    United Kingdom: Competition Law and Policy in 2000

    In this report, the country summarizes the main developments in competition law and policy in 2000.

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  • 5-December-2001


    City Renewal and Health - Making the Links

    City Renewal and Health Making the Links Thursday 6th December 2001 to Friday 7th December 2001, Central London Health and prosperity go hand in hand. They both need and enhance one another. Leaders of the world's largest cities have ...

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  • 25-October-2001


    ICT Investment and Economic Growth in the 1990s: Is the United States a Unique Case? A Comparative Study of Nine OECD Countries, STI Working Paper 2001/7

    Investment in information technologies has by no means been confined to the United States and yet, average European or Japanese growth experience has been quite different.

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  • 21-August-2001

    English, , 108kb

    Institutional Experiences of Quality Assessment in Higher Education - The University of Cardiff (United Kingdom)

    Cardiff is one of Britain's major universities, with its own Royal Charter and a history of service and achievement dating back to 1883. Its international reputation attracts staff and students from throughout the UK and from the rest of the worl...

  • 21-August-2001

    English, , 91kb

    Institutional Experiences of Quality Assessment in Higher Education - The Open University (United Kingdom)

    Major changes were made to the UK higher education system in 1992. The previous binary division between the universities and the polytechnics and other colleges was ended and a unitary system of higher education established for the first time. Th...

  • 21-August-2001

    English, , 46kb

    Institutional Experiences of Quality Assessment in Higher Education - Sheffield Hallam University (United Kingdom)

    The University was formed as Sheffield Polytechnic through the merger of three Colleges of Art and Design, Commerce and Technology. Further mergers with three Teacher Training Colleges during the 1970s involved a name change, to Sheffield City Po...

  • 1-August-2001

    English, , 82kb

    Using Hospital Administrative Databases for a Disease-based Approach

    This working paper provides a preliminary overview of the main hospital administrative data sets potentially available in Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, United Kingdom, Italy, Sweden and the United States.

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