• 27-February-2007


    Facing the Future: Korea's Family, Pension and Health Policy Challenges

    This summary study looks at existing Korean family, health and pension policies from an international perspective and considers them in view of the emerging policy challenges in Korea. It was presented at a policy forum on Low fertility and Ageing Society, in September 2006 in Seoul.

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  • 23-November-2005


    Ageing and Pension System Reform: Implications for Financial Markets and Economic Policies

    This report reviews the economic consequences of ageing populations for financial markets and recommends that governments help facilitate development of financial instruments to support retirement savings and pensions.

  • 4-August-2005


    Catastrophic Risks and insurance - Policy Issues in Insurance n°8

    This publication compiles papers and reports from an OECD conference on catastrophic risks and insurance held in 2004. The combination of leading academic analysis, and information and experience sharing by governments and private sector representatives involved in the financial management of catastrophe risks, makes this publication a

  • 5-juillet-2005


    Aspects fondamentaux des assurances n° 9 : Assurance du risque terroriste dans les pays de l'OCDE

    Actuellement disponible uniquement en anglais. This volume is the ninth in a series devoted to major policy issues in insurance. It combines OECD policy conclusions with leading academic analysis on a wide scope of issues related to the financial management of terrorism risk. It will allow a better understanding of issues at stake as well as of market and regulatory initiatives to meet the critical financial challenge raised by modern

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  • 11-mai-2005


    Les pensions dans les pays de l’OCDE 2005

    Cet ouvrage présente un cadre de suivi et de comparaison des systèmes de retraite à travers les différents pays membres de l’OCDE.

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  • 8-December-2004

    English, , 208kb

    Treatment of Conflicts of Interest

    This paper focuses on the identification of potential conflict of interest situations through effective supervisory techniques, and examines possible regulatory gaps in existing laws. First, it provides an overview of a typical pension plan cycle, and compares the conflicts of interest rules and regulations of six countries–Chile, Costa Rica, Hungary, Mexico, Poland, and Slovenia—and examines how these would apply to typical conflict

  • 12-September-2002

    Portuguese, , 16kb

    Structure and Practice of Pension Supervision in Brazil

    By the Brazilian Ministry of Social Security. (In Portuguese)

  • 18-mars-2002


    La Chine dans l'économie mondiale : Les enjeux de politique économique intérieur

    Après plus de deux décennies de réforme de ses marchés et de libéralisation des échanges et de l'investissement, la Chine aborde, en entrant à  l'Organisation mondiale du commerce, une nouvelle étape de son intégration dans l'économie mondiale. La...

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  • 25-January-2002


    Insurance and Private Pensions Compendium for Emerging Economies

    This compendium brings together a wide range of material from OECD's accumulated work and experience in the insurance and private pensions fields, including guidelines, best practice recommendations, comparative surveys, analytical data, reports...

  • 11-May-2001



    The Working Party has launched a comprehensive data collection project covering the regulatory and supervisory practices in all its Member countries. The first stage of this project is the development of a common methodology for collecting this i...

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