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  • 10-April-2009


    Pension Schemes for the Self-employed in OECD Countries (OECD Social, Employment and Migration Working Papers No. 84)

    This paper reviews three key aspects of pension schemes available to self-employed workers: coverage, contributions and benefits. In each part, analyses are undertaken not just by describing the rules governing these schemes ...

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  • 2-April-2009

    English, , 267kb

    Finance, competition and governance: Strategies to phase out emergency measures

    The OECD has been developing a response to the crisis that is holistic, looking atfinancial market issues, and the wide variety of factors that led to damaging incentive structures, as well as the requirements for broader macro and fiscal policies. The crisis has led to a variety of emergency financial measures such as loans, guarantees, and nationalisations. For financial markets, the focus is on exit strategies that are consistent

  • 31-March-2009

    English, , 371kb

    Working Paper 34: Evaluating the Design of Private Pension Plans: Costs and Benefits of Risk-Sharing

    The principal purpose of this paper is to analyse the trade-off between the uncertainty in contributions on the one hand and benefits on the other that is embedded in different pension arrangements.

  • 23-March-2009


    Pensions and the crisis

    Fiona Stewart discusses the impact of the crisis on pensions funds and what needs to be done.

  • 20-mars-2009


    Questions fréquemment posées - Impact de la crise sur les pensions

    Quel a été l’impact de la crise sur les pensions ? Qui est touché ? Que peut-on faire ?

  • 16-March-2009


    Public Consultation: Draft IAIS-OECD Issues Paper on Insurer Corporate Governance

    The IAIS-OECD issues paper on insurer corporate governance provides background on insurer corporate governance, describes practices and identifies possible regulatory and supervisory issues. Comments received were considered in the preparation of a final version of the issues paper.

  • 19-February-2009

    English, , 651kb

    Working Paper 33: Licensing Regulation and the Supervisory Structure of Private Pensions: International Experience and Implications for China

    In this paper we review the legal framework of private pension fund regulation and supervision in economies, including Australia, Chile, Hong Kong China, Poland, Turkey, the United Kingdom and the United States.

  • 12-février-2009


    Perspectives de l'OCDE sur les pensions privées 2008

    Cette édition présente des données essentielles sur les actifs, les investissements, les membres et la structure de ce secteur, à partir des dernières statistiques officielles.

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  • 12-février-2009


    En dépit de la crise, les pensions privées sont plus nécessaires que jamais, estime l’OCDE

    D’après la nouvelle édition des Perspectives de l'OCDE sur les pensions privées, c’est à juste titre que les travailleurs sont préoccupés par la perte de valeur de l’épargne retraite privée, et les gouvernements sont de plus en plus poussés à agir. L’OCDE estime que la perte de valeur sur un an des actifs détenus par les systèmes de pension privés a atteint 5 400 milliards de dollars US à fin décembre 2008, après s’être élevée à 5 000

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  • 4-February-2009


    Pensions, Purchasing-Power Risk, Inflation and Indexation (OECD Social, Employment and Migration Working Papers No. 77)

    The rapid rise in inflation in 2006-07 has attracted attention – once again – both to how pensions systems should react to changes in prices, and to how they do so in practice...

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