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  • 10-mai-2007

    Français, , 208kb

    Lignes directrices de l’OCDE sur la capitalisation et la sécurité des prestations dans les plans de pension professionnels

    Ces lignes directrices,adoptées par le Conseil de l’OCDE, identifient les pratiques optimales concernant le financement des engagements des plans. Elle recouvre, notamment, les réglementations visant la mesure des engagements des plans de pension, les règles de financement et les réglementations visant l’attribution des excédents et des déficits de financement en cas de liquidation du plan.

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  • 23-January-2007

    English, , 290kb

    Working Paper 7: Survey of Investment Choice by Pension Fund Members

    This document focuses on some key analytical and policy issues regarding investment choice by pension plan/fund members in occupational defined contribution and personal pension arrangements during the accumulation stage.

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  • 29-November-2006


    G8 International Conference on Improving Financial Literacy

    This Conference, convened under the auspices of Russia' G8 Presidency, was held in Moscow on 29-30 November 2006. The aim of the conference was to recognise the increased need for financial education in both developed and developing countries.

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  • 9-November-2006


    OECD Seminar on "Pension Fund Regulation and Risk Management", Istanbul, 9 November 2006

    The OECD international seminar on "Pension Fund Regulation and Risk Management", sponsored by Risklab and Allianz Global Investors (AGI), was held back to back with the OECD Global Forum on Private Pensions in Istanbul, Turkey on 9 November 2006.

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  • 29-March-2006


    OECD/IOPS Conference on Private Pensions in Latin America: 29-30 March 2006

    This conference, which took place in Santiago, Chile, on 29-30 March 2006 focused on an evaluation of the private pension system in Chile and the lessons that can be drawn from Chile’s experience for other countries.

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  • 23-mars-2006

    Français, , 71kb

    Lignes Directrices sur la Gestion des Actifs des Fonds de Pension

    Ces lignes directrices, approuvées en tant que Recommandation de l'OCDE par le Conseil, établissent de bonnes pratiques dans le secteur de la gestion de capitaux des fonds de retraite. Elles couvrent des sujets tels que la normalisation, les règles de gestion prudente, l'établissement d'une politique d'investissement, des limites quantitatives d'investissement et la valorisation.

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  • 23-November-2005


    Ageing and Pension System Reform: Implications for Financial Markets and Economic Policies

    This report reviews the economic consequences of ageing populations for financial markets and recommends that governments help facilitate development of financial instruments to support retirement savings and pensions.

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  • 26-September-2005


    ISSA, IOPS, OECD to cooperate on complementary and private pensions study

    The International Social Security Association (ISSA), the International Organisation of Pension Supervisors (IOPS) and the OECD have signed a partnership agreement to work together in the area of complementary and private pensions.

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  • 29-June-2005

    English, , 194kb

    Pension Markets in Focus, No.1, June 2005

    Because funded arrangements are likely to play an increasingly important role in delivering retirement income security in many countries, and because the investment of pension assets will increasingly affect securities markets in future years, the availability of an accurate, comprehensive, comparable and up-to-date body of international statistics is a necessary tool for policy-makers, regulators and market participants. This first

  • 22-June-2005

    English, , 25kb

    OECD Principles and Good Practices for Financial Education and Awareness

    Principles and Good Practices for Financial Education and Awareness, OECD, 2005

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