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We review funded and private pension systems across the world, analyse policy and technical issues, formulate policy recommendations and promote international policy dialogue.      


9-10 November 2016, Hong Kong, China

The 2016 Global Forum will focus on making private pensions work better and, in particular, consumer protection in the pensions area.

Institutional investors and long-term investment

Improving the design of retirement saving pension plans

Mortality and life expectancy - longevity risk


Retirement savings adequacy

Global pension statistics

 Annuity products

Financial incentives and retirement savings


OECD Pensions Outlook

This book examines the ever-changing pensions landscape. It looks at pension reform; the role of private pensions and retirement savings; population ageing and longevity risk; and default retirement strategies.

Countries must rein in public pension spending rising as result of population ageing. But need to make sure cuts do not hurt the most vulnerable.




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