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Conference on unleashing the potential of the cyber insurance market


22-23 February 2018 OECD Conference Centre, Paris

The growing reliance on digital technologies - while creating significant opportunities for innovation, convenience and efficiency - comes with digital security and privacy protection risks. The potential role of the nascent cyber insurance market in enhancing cyber resilience is increasingly being recognised by policy makers.

This conference provided an opportunity to exchange knowledge and share experience among policy makers and insurance market participants on addressing the challenges impeding the development of the cyber insurance market.

Discussions covered:

  • The evolving threat of cyber risk
  • Addressing the gaps in incident data and advances in modelling capacity
  • Enhancing the contribution of reinsurance and capital markets
  • The increasing role of cyber insurance within the risk management process
  • Providing greater clarity on coverage

This conference built on the OECD’s work in this area, including a report provided to G7 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors in May 2017 and the OECD publication, Enhancing the role of insurance in cyber risk management.






Speaker presentations


The cyber insurance market: Responding to a risk with few boundaries


Organised in collaboration with Marsh & McLennan Companies


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