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  • 15-July-2019


    10th International Summer School for community and local development in Latin America and the Caribbean

    The School is organising specialised courses on socio-economic development and creating an international platform to exchange experiences and knowledge between public officers and practitioners from OECD member and non member countries that deals with cooperation and local development issues.

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  • 16-June-2019


    Summer Academy on Cultural and Creative Industries and Local Development - 2019

    The Summer Academy, a three-year project 2018-2020, provides training for policy makers and representatives of cultural and creative industries (CCIs). The second edition will take place 16-20 June 2019 in Trento and Bolzano, Italy.

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  • 14-May-2019


    OECD Working Parties on Urban Policy and Territorial Indicators - Joint Workshop

    OECD Working Parties on Urban Policy and Territorial Indicators - Joint Workshop: Towards an OECD localised indicator framework for SDGs

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  • 19-March-2019


    Governments need to act today to ward off deepening divides across regions

    Governments should take specific actions now to ward off deepening divides across regions and seize new opportunities in the face of global “megatrends”, the OECD said this week. Two new OECD reports highlight that regions are not equally equipped to handle future technological changes, ageing, climate change and other megatrends; and that decentralisation policies need to work more effectively.

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  • 5-March-2019


    Third OECD Meeting of Mining Regions and Cities

    Third OECD Meeting of Mining Regions and Cities in Skelleftea, Sweden 11-13 june 2019

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  • 1-February-2019


    Broadening Innovation Policy: New Insights for Cities and Regions

    To deepen the understanding how OECD countries can move towards a broad based form of innovation policy the OECD worked with the European Commission’s DG for Regional and Urban Policy in bringing together academic and policy experts in a series of five high level expert workshops on “Broadening innovation policy – New insights for regions and cities”. For each of the workshops two background papers were prepared by experts in the field

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  • 22-November-2018


    Managing the Water-Energy-Land-Food Nexus in Korea - Policies and Governance Options

    This report assesses the key bottlenecks within the water-energy-land-food nexus in Korea, and proposes policy recommendations and governance arrangements to future-proof environmental integrity and enhance sustainable growth. The increasing pressure caused by urbanisation, industrialisation, population growth and climate change in Korea has led to more land consumption and augmented water supply, at the expense of the environment and at a high cost for public finance. Korea has engaged with the OECD via a national policy dialogue to explore best practices from the wider international community to better manage the nexus at the river basin scale.
  • 24-October-2018


    OECD Mining Regions and Cities Project

    The OECD is implementing a project to develop recommendations for improving regional development outcomes for regions and cities specialised in mining and extractive industries. The first OECD meeting on Mining Regions was held in Antofagasta, Chile in October 2017. The Second meeting took place in Darwin Australia on 20-24 November 2018.

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  • 9-October-2018


    OECD Regions and Cities at a Glance 2018

    This report looks at how regions and cities across the OECD are progressing towards stronger economies, higher quality of life for their citizens and more inclusive societies. This edition presents regional and metropolitan updates for more than 40 indicators to assess disparities within countries and their evolution since the turn of the new millennium. The report covers all OECD countries and, where data is available, Brazil, People’s Republic of China, Colombia, Lithuania, Peru, the Russian Federation, Tunisia and South Africa.Three new features characterise this edition. First, an assessment migrant integration, based on new indicators produced for OECD regions. Second, recent trends on entrepreneurship in regions, with new indicators on creation and destruction of firms and on the jobs associated with such dynamics. Third, an assessment of socio-economic conditions, inequalities and poverty in metropolitan areas and their neighbourhoods.
  • 18-septembre-2018


    Les risques d'automatisation des emplois varient considérablement suivant les régions à l'intérieur des pays

    Le risque d'automatisation des emplois est nettement plus élevé dans certaines régions que dans d'autres à l'intérieur des pays, ce qui implique que les pouvoirs publics devront prendre des mesures en cas de creusement des inégalités entre les territoires en matière d'emploi au cours des années à venir, selon un nouveau rapport de l'OCDE.

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