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  • 4-December-2018


    Spatial productivity for regional and local development – 2nd meeting

    The OECD Spatial Productivity Lab (SPL) is a dedicated research laboratory that works with local and global partners to improve our understanding of the spatial dimension of productivity growth, the relevance of links between different types of areas and how regional policy can facilitate productivity growth, creation of better jobs and increased well-being.

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  • 18-September-2018

    English, PDF, 1,794kb

    ENG Policy Highlights - Job Creation and Local Economic Development 2018

    This booklet reproduces highlights from the 2018 report Job Creation and Local Economic Development. This third edition in the series focuses on preparing for the future of work.

  • 23-July-2018


    9th International Summer School for community and local development in Latin America and the Caribbean

    The School is organising specialised courses on socio-economic development and creating an international platform to exchange experiences and knowledge between public officers and practitioners from OECD member and non member countries that deals with cooperation and local development issues.

  • 9-July-2018

    English, PDF, 2,312kb

    OECD Guide for Local Governments, Communities and Museums: Experts' meeting

    In 2017-2018 the OECD is developing a Guide for Local Governments, Communities and Museums. The workshop on 9th July 2018 brings together representatives of museums, city and regional authorities, and experts engaged in piloting the Guide in 2018 to review the results emerging from the pilot phase, identify areas of improvement and discuss further steps.

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  • 15-June-2018


    Conference: CCIs support ecosystems as part of Smart Specialisation Strategy

    Cultural and Creative Industries (CCIs) play an important role in the economic, social and urban development of cities and regions and are also a powerful engine for innovation and competitiveness. T‌he conference represents the closure of the 1st Summer Academy on Cultural and Creative Industries and Local Development.

  • 1-June-2018


    OECD sessions on Local Development and Spatial Productivity at the 13th Trento Festival of Economics on Technology and Jobs

    The OECD Trento Centre organised five sessions within the 2018 Festival of Economics on Technology and Jobs on 1-3 June 2018. OECD and intenational experts along with high level government representatives discussed the impact of new technologies on jobs and its effect on local economies and policies and what regions and regional policy can do to narrow economic gaps and promote productivity catching-up.

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  • 30-May-2018


    The OECD Recommendation on Global Events and Local Development

    The hosting of global events such as the Olympics Games, Expos, World Cups, Cultural Festivals, and many more have long been seen as opportunities to stimulate growth and development in the countries ,and particularly the cities, that host them. Hosts increasingly seek to ensure that such events act as catalysts for local development.

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  • 16-May-2018


    Improving the impact of territorial wide area co-operation in the Adriatic-Ionian region

    The OECD Trento Centre is undertaking a review (2017/2018) to identify the needs and priorities for policy improvement and to foster the exchange of experiences, the capitalisation of acquired know-how and the generation of new and fresh thinking in the Adriatic-Ionian macro-region.

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  • 2-May-2018


    ITALY: Developing local development strategies for remote, peripheral areas - Trentino

    The OECD LEED Trento Centre is working with Italy and the Autonomous Province of Trento to strengthen capacities to develop and implement integrated strategies targeted at improving the quality of life and well-being of people and reversing demographic trends in ‘inner areas’ (sparsely populated areas and stranded communities isolated from large and medium-sized urban centres).

  • 20-December-2017


    Euregio Museum Day 2017: Museums & Local Development

    The Euregio Museum Day 2017 reviewed the pilot version of the OECD guide "Culture and local development - Maximising the impact" and worked on thematic action principles and policy options to advance the reflection on these issues.

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