• 26-September-2008

    English, , 5,861kb

    OECD Reviews of Regulatory Reform Reviews - Korea: Progress in Implementing Regulatory Reform

    This report assesses progress made since 2000 and analyses many of the lessons of implementation of regulatory reform. It also highlights possible responses to current challenges (ageing society, future welfare needs) and includes a new special chapter on tertiary education.

  • 15-June-2008


    Building an Institutional Framework for Regulatory Impact Analysis (RIA): Guidance for Policy Makers

    This report draws on the work of the OECD, which has published extensively on the RIA practices of OECD members. In addition, it draws upon and references relevant literature covering different aspects of RIA design and implementation including case studies and research papers, as well as international technical analyses prepared by international organisations, government and academic institutions, and consulting firms working on

  • 6-juin-2008


  • 5-juin-2008


    Les partenariats public-privé : Partager les risques et optimiser les ressources

    L'usage optimal des deniers publics dans la fourniture de services par les administrations est un sujet important. Les partenariats public-privé (PPP) sont une des approches adoptées. Cet ouvrage traite des questions importantes pour la pratique de cette formule.

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  • 28-May-2008


    OECD Reviews of Regulatory Reform - Brazil: Strengthening Governance for Growth

    This review analyses the challenges of strengthening regulatory governance in Brazil to improve economic growth, with appropriate regulatory frameworks for core infrastructure sectors.

  • 28-May-2008

    English, , 77kb

    Brazil: Strengthening governance for growth - Executive summary

    Brazil has now entered a more advanced phase of economic development, with the need to strengthen the institutional foundations for a market-based economy.

  • 28-April-2008


    OECD Public Management Reviews - Ireland: Towards an Integrated Public Service

    Ireland's economic success story is one that many OECD countries would like to emulate. Of the many factors linked to this success, the public sector’s role is key. This report analyses what the sector has accomplished so far, how it can keep renewing itself, and how it can perpetuate its success.

  • 20-March-2008


    OECD Reviews of Regulatory Reform: Russia 2005

    This is the Japanese version of Regulatory Reform in Russia and covers the overall economic context, the government’s capacity to manage regulatory reform, competition policy and enforcement, and market openness. It also examines the electricity and railroad sectors.

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  • 8-novembre-2007


    Italie : veiller à la qualité de la réglementation à tous les niveaux d'administration

    Ce rapport analyse la gouvernance pluriniveau en Italie et la capacité des régions à produire des réglementation de grande qualité, un thème important pour établir une cohérence réglementaire dans son ensemble.

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  • 25-September-2007


    Cutting red tape: Comparing administrative burdens across countries

    Red tape is burdensome to companies, inhibits entrepreneurship, and reduces competitiveness.

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