Politique réglementaire

The Regulatory Policy Committee Bureau


What are the responsibilities of the Regulatory Policy Committee Bureau? A number of delegates are designated to serve as officers to represent a Committee. They provide more detailed direction to the OECD Secretariat on issues of management and the planning of the Programme of Work. These representatives are known as "the Bureau", and generally serve two to three years.

Bureau members participate in planning meetings with the Secretariat prior to each Committee meeting and provide ongoing consultation by telephone and through email and written exchanges.

The members of the Regulatory Policy Committee Bureau for 2013 are:


Gary Banks, Chair



Gary Banks is Dean of the Australia and New Zealand School of Government. Until 2012 he was the Chairman of the Productivity Commission, Australia’s independent research and advisory body on major economic, social and environmental issues affecting the wellbeing of the community. In addition to overseeing the Commission’s activities, Gary has personally headed national inquiries on such topics as National Competition Policy, the National Reform Agenda and the Economic Implications of an Ageing Australia.  He also chaired the Prime Minister’s Regulation Taskforce, which issued its influential report ‘Rethinking Regulation’ in 2006. For many years Gary Banks was responsible for the Office of Regulation Review, a gate keeper for good regulatory practice, and he established its successor body, the Office of Best Practice Regulation. He has degrees in economics from Monash University and the Australian National University, and is a Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences in Australia. In 2007 he was made an officer of the Order of Australia for services to the development of public policy in microeconomic reform and regulation.   


Michael Presley, (Canada)


Michael Presley is the Assistant Secretary of the Regulatory Affairs Sector at the Treasury Board Secretariat (TBS). Michael joined TBS as the Executive Director, Regulatory Affairs in 2007.  Prior to joining TBS, Michael Presley was Director General of the Food Value Chain Bureau at Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC). While at AAFC, he was one of four team leaders in the Department charged with shaping and implementing the Food Safety and Quality elements of the Agriculture Policy Framework and was also a Team Leader on the Department’s Markets & Trade Team. Michael was formerly the Director, Environment Bureau within AAFC, and joined Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada in 1992.  Prior to AAFC, Michael worked for Transport Canada in various capacities both in the National Capital Region and in the British Columbia Regional offices.  He started his career with the Public Service Commission. Michael holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Queen's University, and a Masters of Public Administration from Carleton University.  Recently, he graduated from the University of Ottawa Certificate Program in Public Service Leadership and Governance (2007-09) which is designed to equip senior managers to assume Assistant Deputy Minister level leadership responsibility.


Charles-Henri Montin, (France)

‌‌‌Photo Charles-Henri Montin


Charles-Henri Montin is a senior regulatory adviser from the Ministry of Economy and Finance of France. In addition to his membership to the RPC Bureau, Charles-Henri is co-chair of Working Group IV on regulatory reform of the MENA-OECD Governance Programme. He is currently seconded by his ministry  to support international technical assistance projects in developing and transition countries.  Previously, he held positions as a regulatory expert at the European Commission (2007-10) and as head of the interministerial unit in charge of regulatory quality for the French administration (2004-07). Prior to that, Charles-Henri had held managerial positions in three international organisations (CERN-Geneva, UN and NATO from 1989 to 2004) and as a diplomat representing his country. An alumnus of the Ecole Nationale d'Administation, he hold degrees in law, political science and languages. Charles-Henri is the editor of a blog and resource centre on regulatory quality directed at government officials and regulators (http://smartregulation.net/).


Virgilio Andrade Martínez


  Virgilio Andrade Martínez is the General Director of the Federal Commission on Regulatory Improvement. He was Electoral Councilor at the Federal Electoral Institute (2003-2010), Executive Secretary at BANRURAL and Deputy General Director of Promotion at Financiera Rural (2002-03), and Deputy General Director of Financial Legislation Analysis at the Ministry of Finance (2001-02). He also worked as advisor in several public institutions, such as the Mexican Presidency Office; the Ministry of the Interior; Petroleos Mexicanos; the Chamber of Deputies; and the Senate. Furthermore, he was a commentator for CNN on Mexican issues. In the academic field, Virgilio was professor in the Law Department and the Economics Department at ITAM. He taught public law, administrative law; state theory; law and economics; and law and public policy.

Roger Bengtsson, (Sweden)



Roger Bengtsson is Head of Section at the Division for Entrepreneurship at the Swedish Ministry of Enterprise, Energy and Communications. He has been involved in the work of the OECD on Regulatory Reform and Better Regulation since Spring 2006. Before the establishment of the Regulatory Policy Committee, he was Swedish delegate at the Working Party on Regulatory Management and Reform and at the meetings of the Group on Regulatory Policy. Since 2007 he has been a member of the European Commission’s High Level Group of National Regulatory Experts and Swedish delegate at the meetings of the network of Directors & Experts on Better Regulation. During the Swedish Presidency of the EU in the autumn of 2009, he was Project Leader for the work with Better Regulation. He holds a Master of Laws from Uppsala University and a Master of Science in Business and Economics from Stockholm University, School of Business.


Julian Farrel, (United Kingdom)


Julian Farrel is Deputy Director of the Better Regulation Executive, and Head of the EU and International Team, in the UK's Department for Business, Innovation and Skills.  He has worked on a range of domestic and EU better regulation issues within the Department of Trade and Industry, the Department for Business, and the UK Permanent Representation to the EU in Brussels, since the UK Government’s first administrative burdens exercise in the early 1980s.   He is a member of the European Commission’s High Level Group of National Regulatory Experts and the network of EU Directors and Experts on Better Regulation.  He has a degree in Modern and Medieval Languages (German and French) from Cambridge University.


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