Réforme réglementaire

Regulatory Reform: Events and Publications



26-27 April   Third Expert Dialogue on Regulatory Policy in Latin America (event)
25 April   Regulatory Policy in Chile 2016: Government Capacity to Ensure High-Quality Regulation (publication)
19 April   Regulatory management practices in OECD countries (Working Paper)
11 April   Governance of Regulators' Practices: Accountability, Transparency and Co-ordination (publication)
11 April   Protecting Consumers through Behavioural Insights: Regulating the Communications Market in Colombia (publication)
21 March   ABC Manual for Regulatory Reform (publication; Spanish)
16 February   Promoting inclusive growth through better regulation: The role of regulatory impact assessmentOECD Regulatory Policy Working Papers, No. 3
11 February   OECD recommendations to improve the quality of regulations in the municipality of Torreon, Mexico (event)
26 January   The Contribution of Mutual Recognition to International Regulatory Co-operationOECD Regulatory Policy Working Papers, No. 2



23 December   2015 Indicators of Regulatory Policy and Governance: Design, Methodology and Key ResultsOECD Regulatory Policy Working Papers, No. 1
17 December   Forum on Regulatory Reform Responses to Economic Challenges, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (event)
27 November   Regulatory Oversight Seminar, Brasilia (event)
28 October   OECD Regulatory Policy Outlook 2015 (publication)
28 October  

Regulatory Policy in Perspective: A Reader’s Companion to the OECD Regulatory Policy Outlook 2015 (publication)

29 July  

Regulatory Policy in Lithuania: Focussing on the Delivery Side (publication)

24 June  

San Luis Potosi municipality scores 87% progress in implementing the OECD Guide to Improve the Quality of State and Municipal Regulations, Mexico (event)

18-19 June   7th Expert Workshop on Measuring Regulatory Performance: Embedding Regulatory Policy in Law and Practice, Reyjavik, (event)
18 June   Launch of the OECD programme for regulatory improvement in the Municipality of Torreon, Mexico (event)
17 April   Driving Performance at Colombia's Communications Regulator (publication)
17 April   4th meeting of the Network of Economic Regulators, OECD, Paris (event)
17 April   First Expert Dialogue on Regulatory Policy in Latin America, OECD, Paris (event)
13 April   OECD Studies on Water: The Governance of Water Regulators (publication)
12 March   First official meeting of the ASEAN-OECD Good Regulatory Practices Network, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (event)
10-11 March   ASEAN-OECD Good Regulatory Practice Conference: Connectivity, Competitiveness and Regulatory Coherence: Institutional Connectivity to Support Regional Economic Integration, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (event)
9-11 March   Workshop on Regulatory Consultation, Bogota, Colombia (event)
10 March   Implementing Good Regulatory Practice in Malaysia (publication)
9 March   Meeting of ASEAN-OECD Centres of Government: Driving Government Transformation through Good Regulatory Practice, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (event)
25 February   Implementing the recommendations on improving the regulatory quality of formalities in the municipality of Hemosillo, Municipality of Hemosillo, Mexico (event)
26-30 January   Workshop on the elaboration and evaluation of regulatory impact assessment, Bogota, Colombia (event)
12 January   OECD and the Municipality of Metepec launch tramitesmetepec.mx, the on-line registry for formalities, Metepec, Mexico (event)



10 December   The Municipality of San Luis Potosí keeps a fast implementation pace, San Luis Potosí, Mexico (event)
8 December   Implementation of OECD recommendations to improve business formalities, Municipality of Hermosillo, Mexico (event)
11-12 November   Workshop: Elaboration and evaluation of regulatory impact assessment (RIA) at sub-national level, Cuernavaca Morelos, Mexico (event)
6 November   Implementing Regulatory Policy at Sub-National Level, OECD Paris (event)
5 November   3rd meeting of the Network of Economic Regulators (event)
3-4 November   11th Session of the Regulatory Policy Committee (event)
3 November   International Regulatory Co-operation and International Organisations (publication)
29 October   La gouvernance des services de l'eau en Jordanie : Surmonter les défis de la participation du secteur privé (publication)
21 October   Water Governance in Tunisia: Overcoming the Challenges to Private Sector Participation (publication)
13-14 October   Improving Risk Regulation: From Crisis Response to Learning and Innovation (event)
9 October   Principes de bonnes pratiques de l'OCDE pour la politique de la réglementation : La gouvernance des régulateur (publication)
8 September   Principes de bonnes pratiques de l'OCDE pour la politique de la réglementation : Contrôle et mise en oeuvre de la réglementation (publication)
29 July   OECD Best Practice Principles for Regulatory Policy: The Governance of Regulators (publication)
30 June   Regulatory Policy in Kazakhstan: Towards Improved Implementation (publication)
18 June   OECD Framework for Regulatory Policy Evaluation (publication)
17-18 June   6th Expert Workshop on Measuring Regulatory Performance: Evaluating Stakeholder Engagement in Regulatory Policy, The Hague (event)
12 June   Regulatory processes and formalities in the municipality of San Luis Potosi, Mexico (event)
9-11 June   Workshop on Risk Assessment in Regulatory Impact Analysis (RIA), Mexico (event)
9 June   La gouvernance des services de l'eau en Tunisie : Surmonter les défis de la participation du secteur privé (publication)
4 June   Water Governance in Jordan: Overcoming the Challenges to Private Sector Participation (publication)
16 May   Regulatory Enforcement and Inspections (publication)
28 April   OECD Regulatory Compliance Cost Assessment Guidance (publication)
14-15 April   10th Session of the Regulatory Policy Committee, Paris (event)
14 April   2nd meeting of the Network of Economic Regulators, Paris (event)
10 January   Regulatory Policy and Behavioural Economics (publication)



5 December   Law evaluation and better regulation: The role for parliaments, French Senate (event)
14 November   1st meeting of the Network of Economic Regultors, Paris (event)
12-13 Nov.   9th Session of the Regulatory Policy Committee, Paris (event)
12 November   Regulatory Reform in the Middle East and North Africa, (publication)
25 October   OECD Reviews of Regulatory Reform: Colombia (launch event)
26 September   Regulatory improvement in the Municipality of San Luis Potosí, Mexico (launch event
24-25 Sept.   Workshop on Competition Assessment in RIA, Mexico (event)
23 September   Measuring regulatory performance at sub-national level: Benefits and challenges (event)
21 June   Public consultation on the Governance of Regulators
11 June   OECD Reviews of Regulatory Reform: Mexico, Towards a Whole-of-Government Perspective to Regulatory Improvement (publication)
3-4 June   5th Expert Workshop on Measuring Regulatory Performance, Stockhom (event)
24 April   International Regulatory Co-operation: Addresssing Global Challenges, Vol. 1, Vol. 2, Vol. 3 (publications)
22-23 April   8th Session of the Regulatory Policy Committee, Paris (event)
16 April   Forum on law application at the French Senate, (videos in French)
26-27 February   Seminar on One-stop Shops in Hungary (event)
4 February   Seminar on the Rationalisation of the Regulatory Stock, Bogota (event)
31 Jan-1 Feb.   International Regulatory Reform Conference in Berlin (event)
22-23 January   MENA-OECD Governance Programme, Working Group IV, Paris, (event)



3 December


Better Regulation in Europe: Greece (publication)

20 November


OECD (2012) Review of regulatory reform of Mexico - key findings (publication)

19-20 November


7th Session of the Regulatory Policy Committee, Paris (event)

29-30 October


Workshop on Regulatory Enforcement and Inspections, Jerusalem (event)

18-19 October


Capacity Building Seminar on Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA), Mexico (event)

27 September


OECD Review of Regulatory Reform in Indonesia (publication)

21 September


Mejores prácticas registrales y catastrales en México (event and publication)

17 September


La Evaluación de Leyes y Regulaciones: El Caso de la Cámara de Diputados de Chile (publication)

10 September


Ex post Law Evaluation from Legislative Institutions, Santiago (event)

11-12 June


4th Expert Meeting on Measuring Regulatory Performance, Berlin (event)

1 June


Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA) in the Czech Republic and Other OECD Countries (event)

16 May


Regulatory Policy: Chile (publication)

10 May


Administrative Simplification in Hungary (event)

11 April


Better Regulation in Europe: Italy (publication)

11-12 April


6th Session of the Regulatory Policy Committee, Paris (event)

22 March

  Recommendation of the Council on Regulatory Policy and Governance

8-9 March


OECD High-level Parliamentary Seminar on Best Practices in Governance - The Role of Parliaments, Santigo, Chile (event)

14-15 February


APEC Economic Committee meeting, Moscow (event)

14-15 February


MENA Seminar on Administrative Simplification, Budapest (event)

16 January


Perception surveys, (publication)

10 January


3rd Annual OECD-Mexican Ministry of Economy Conference on Regulatory Reform, Mexico (event)


9 November


Regulatory Policy and Governance: Supporting Economic Growth and Serving the Public Interest (publication)

3-4 November


5th Session of the Regulatory Policy Committee, Paris (event)

2 November


Joint Workshop on the Role of Impact Assessments in Policy Making, Paris (event)

2 November


Special Session of the RPC and MENA-OECD Governance programme Working Group IV, Paris (event)

14 October


Workshop on Enhancing Regulatory Quality, Hanoi (event)

26-27 September


3rd Expert Workshop on "Developing a Framework for Measuring Regulatory Performance in OECD Countries", Madrid (event)

19 September   


APEC-OECD Co-operative Initiative, San Francisco (event)

27 July


OECD Public Governance Reviews - Towards More Effective and Dynamic Public Management in Mexico (publication)

13 July


New Ideas for Risk-Based Regulation and Regulatory Governance in Mexico (event)

28-30 June


Israel-OECD Conference “Cutting Bureaucracy: Regulation and Services” (event)

14-15 April


4th Session of the RPC, Paris (event)

1 March


Regulatory Impact Assessment, Moscow (event)

14 February


Administrative Simplification in Viet Nam: Supporting the Competitiveness of the Vietnamese Economy (publication)

9 February


Workshop: Regulatory Reform Review in Indonesia, Jakarta (event)

1 February


Strengthening the Institutional Setting for Regulatory Reform: Oversight Bodies in OECD Countries (publication)

24 January


Administrative Simplification in Poland: Making Policies Perform (publication)

11 January


Guide for Regulatory Quality at State and Municipal Levels in Mexico (event)



25-26 November


ASEAN-OECD Workshop on Regulatory Reform: “Regulatory Reform towards Socio-economic Development”, Hanoi (event)

28-29 October


3rd Session of the RPC, Paris (event)

27 October


Special Session of the Regulatory Policy Committee and the MENA-OECD Governance Programme Working Group IV: Strategic Regulatory Planning: Delivering Quality Regulation, Paris (event)

12 October


Cutting Red Tape: Why is Administrative Simplification so Complicated? (publication)

28-29 September 


Capacity Building Conference for Public Administration in Lebanon, Making Life Easier for Citizens: Administrative Simplification Strategies and Good Practices in MENA and OECD countries, Beirut (event)

21-22 June


2nd Expert Workshop on "The Use of Perception Surveys in OECD Countries", Istanbul (event)

3-4 June


MENA 6th Regional Meeting of the Working Group IV on Public Service Delivery, Public Private Partnerships and Regulatory Reform: Regulatory Policy Tools for a Stronger, Fairer and Cleaner Economy, Tunis (event)

17 May


Assessing the Impact of Regulatory Management Systems: Preliminary Statistical and Econometric Estimates, Working Paper No. 17

6-7 May


COFEMER-OECD 25th National Conference for Competitiveness and Regulatory Reform (event)

16 April


Informal Meeting of RPC and EPOC Delegates on Regulatory Impact Assessment and Policy Coherence in an Environment and Growth Context (event)

14-15 April


2nd Session of the Regulatory Policy Committee, Paris (event)

14 April


Risk and Regulatory Policy: Improving the Governance of Risk, (publication)

14 April


Regulatory Reform for Recovery: Lessons from Implementation during Crises, (publication)

1 April


Successful Practices and Policies to Promote Regulatory Reform and Entrepreneurship at the Sub-national Level, Working Paper No. 18



Better Regulation in Europe, series of 15 reports on Better Regulation in the EU: Austria, Belgium,Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece (forthcoming in 2012), Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom

1-5 March


MENA Study Visit for the Regional Center of Expertise on Regulatory Quality (RCERQ) to the European Academy for Law and Legislation (EALL), Tunisia (event)

25-26 february


APEC-OECD Symposium, Hiroshima (event)

15 February


OECD Reviews of Regulatory Reform - Australia: Towards a Seamless National Economy, (publication)

1 February


OECD Reviews of Regulatory Reform - Italy: Better Regulation to Strengthen Market Dynamics, (publication)


10 December


Indicators of Regulatory Management Systems, (publication)

3 December


Building Governance Capacities in India, New Delhi, (event)

6 November


1st Session of the RPC, Paris (event)

5 November


Meeting of the RPC on the Review of Regulatory Reform in Australia, Paris (event)

3-4 November


MENA 5th Special Session of the OECD Working Party on Regulatory Management and Reform and Training Session on Tools to Measure Administrative Burdens, Paris, (event)

22 October


Creation of the Regulatory Policy Committee

12 May


Meeting of the Group on Regulatory Policy: Regulatory Reform and Liberalisation Policies in Italy, Paris (event)

11-12 May


OECD Working Party on Regulatory Management and Reform, Paris (event)

2-3 April


1st expert Workshop on "Indicators of Regulatory Management Systems", London (event)

12-13 March


International Seminar on Regulatory Impact Analysis, Brasilia, (event)

11-12 March


MENA capacity Building Seminar on the Review of the Existing Legislation, Cairo (event)



4 December


Implementing Regulatory Impact Assessment in Russia: Expectations and Practical Steps, Moscow (event)

1 December


Meeting on Risk and Regulatory Policy, Paris (event)

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