• 17-April-2015


    Driving Performance at Colombia's Communications Regulator

    Measuring regulators’ performance can strengthen the contribution of regulatory policies to sustainable growth and development. While measuring a regulator’s performance is a fundamental function of a “world class” regulator, it is challenging, starting with the definition of what should be measured and including the attribution of outcomes to regulators’ actions and the availability of robust and evidence-based evaluation

  • 26-January-2015


    Workshop on the elaboration and evaluation of regulatory impact assessment, Colombia

    The objective of this workshop was to provide basic facts and theory related to RIA and best practices when undertaking RIA.

  • 25-octobre-2013


    L’amélioration des politiques d’innovation et l’exercice d’une bonne gouvernance contribueraient à élever le niveau de vie en Colombie, selon l’OCDE

    Le bon fonctionnement des économies repose sur des politiques publiques saines. En améliorant ses politiques d’innovation, et en les conjuguant à des réglementations de qualité et à une administration publique plus efficace, la Colombie pourrait créer des emplois, stimuler sa croissance économique et soutenir son développement, selon trois nouveaux rapports publiés par l’OCDE.

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  • 25-October-2013


    Colombia: Implementing Good Governance

    This Public Governance Review offers advice to help Colombia address its governance challenges effectively and efficiently over time. It provides an assessment and recommendations on how to improve its ability to set, steer, and implement multi-year national development strategy.

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  • 25-October-2013


    Launch of the Regulatory Reform and Public Governance Reviews of Colombia

    On 25 October, the OECD Secretary-General will present the Regulatory Reform and Public Governance reviews of Colombia during an event hosted by the Government of Colombia.