Latin American Economic Outlook 2018

Rethinking Institutions for Development

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Published on April 09, 2018

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The Latin American Economic Outlook 2018: Rethinking Institutions for Development focuses on how institutions can underpin the foundations of a long period of sustained and inclusive growth and increased well-being. The report begins with an overview of the main macroeconomic challenges, analysing the complex macroeconomic context in the Latin American and Caribbean (LAC) region, and exploring policy options to boost potential growth, with a particular focus on trade. It then analyses the link between low trust and society’s disconnection and dissatisfaction  with institutions and a number of long-standing, structural features of the region as well as more recent, contextual dynamics that are shaping LAC’s economy, society and politics . In this respect, the report examines how the social contract can be strengthened in LAC, mainly through a state that delivers and responds to citizens’ changing demands, as well as through policies and institutions which provide good and equal socio-economic opportunities in a rapidly changing global context.


Executive summary
Overview – Rethinking institutions for development: Towards a new state-citizens-market nexus
The social contract in Latin America and the Caribbean: Situation and policy challenges
Macroeconomic prospects for Latin America and the Caribbean
Institutions to make the state deliver in Latin America and the Caribbean
Institutions to embrace a future of better jobs and greater well-being in Latin America and the Caribbean
Country notes12 chapters available
Costa Rica
Dominican Republic
El Salvador
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Press release

English: Regaining citizens’ trust in public institutions is key to resuming inclusive growth and well-being in Latin America and the Caribbean

Español: Recuperar la confianza de los ciudadanos en las instituciones públicas es fundamental para retomar una senda de crecimiento inclusivo y de mayor bienestar para todos en América Latina y el Caribe 


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