Politiques de l'innovation pour l'espace et les océans

Perspectives d'une économie des océans à l’horizon 2030


The world’s seas and oceans are under increasing pressure, both from a growing range and intensity of economic activities, as well as from climate change. The ocean economy’s long-term potential in terms of growth and job creation cannot be fully realised unless more effective steps are taken to improve integrated ocean management -- including ecosystem preservation -- at local, regional, national and international level. That in turn will require significant progress in innovation and new thinking in many areas – in science, technology, R&D, manufacturing, infrastructural design, consultation and decision-making processes, institutional co-operation, and last but not least, in the policy mix that governments implement to support and encourage innovative capacity in the ocean economy more broadly.


The OECD Directorate for Science, Technology and Innovation has launched an original programme of work on the ocean economy and innovation with the objective to provide decision-makers with an improved toolbox to foster innovation for harnessing the ocean economy’s potential in a responsible and sustainable way. This will include new evidence-based information to decision-makers to improve their innovation policy mix for sustainable ocean management.


This will be undertaken through a series of expert workshops, research on new OECD indicators, and innovation policy discussions with ocean-related communities around the world (ministries, agencies, academia, foundations, NGOs and the private sector). The activities are organised around four major themes:

  • Exploring the role of scientific advances and enabling technologies in driving innovation in the ocean economy.
  • Investigating emerging patterns and platforms of collaboration in innovation among different marine and maritime actors in ocean R&D around the world.
  • Extending the frontiers of the use of economic valuation, analysis and tools further into areas of ocean-related activities.
  • Analysing the role of the public sector and the impacts of policy mix in boosting innovation in the ocean economy. 




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