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Signing ceremony of the Accession Agreement on Slovenia’s accession to the OECD, remarks by Minister for Development and European Affairs Mr Mitja Gaspari



1 June 2010 - Signing Ceremony of the Accession Agreement on Slovenia’s Accession to the OECD, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Honourable Guests,


In the last three weeks the events related to Slovenia’s accession to the OECD followed one another very quickly. On 10 May the OECD Council decided to invite us, together with Estonia and Israel, to join the Organisation. We received an official invitation in Paris last week. Only five days later we gathered here to round-up the whole accession journey by signing the agreement. In the following months the National Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia will put the cherry on the accession cake.


Today’s signing of the Agreement between Slovenia and the OECD does not mark only the conclusion of the accession process, the intensive work carried out in the past three years, during which we learned a lot. It also represents an important commitment for the future. The accession is launching a new process - a sustained vigorous activity for Slovenia as an OECD member.


As I have often underlined in recent days, there are several advantages which are enjoyed by the members of this Organisation. We will endeavour to make the most of them. We wish for productive co-operation with all levels of the expertise which the OECD has to offer, so that we might employ their assistance in the preparation of an efficient strategy for development after the crisis, to enforce the necessary structural adjustments and thus construct a modern economic and social model. A model which will be based on sustainable growth, knowledge and innovation and will be a benefit for the environment.


Ladies and gentlemen,


Please allow me to use this occasion to thank you all - colleagues in my office, the Slovenian Embassy in Paris, all ministries, external experts, as well as our partners in Paris, in particular the OECD Secretariat - who joined forces to participate in this important achievement for Slovenia.


Thank you!



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