• 4-April-2007


    The Visible Hand of China in Latin America

    This book describes the opportunities and challenges that Latin American economies will face as Chinese importance in the world economy—and in Latin America's traditional markets—continues to grow.

  • 11-December-2002

    Spanish, , 130kb

    Mid-term evaluation of Dri Cotacachi rural development Project in Imbabura, Ecuador

    En los dos años de inicio del Proyecto DRI Cotacachi (1998-1999), Ecuador se enfrentaba a unade las más severas crisis económicas de su historia. La pobreza total1 aumentó de un 34% de lapoblación en 1995 al 67% en el primer semestre del 2000. Este aumento dramático se ha concentrado en las áreas rurales del país, donde el nivel de pobreza total alcanzó un nivel sin precedentes de 86% de la población en el 2000.2 Mientras la pobreza

  • 8-octobre-2001

    Français, , 18kb

    Winds of change in Latin America's higher education: Fostering and managing its transformation, Mexico, 8-9 October 2001

    This seminar reviewed the forces behind the change, the main trends, and the action programs.

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  • 5-April-2001


    Foreign Direct Investment in the Caribbean Basin and Latin America

    Curacao, Netherlands Antilles, 5-6 April 2001. This Conference on Foreign Direct Investment in the Caribbean Basin and Latin America was co-organised by the OECD and the Government of the Netherlands Antilles.

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