Statistical Sources and Methods

  • 11-March-2019


    Going Digital Toolkit

    The Going Digital Toolkit helps countries assess and compare their state of digital development and formulate policy strategies and approaches in response. Data exploration and visualisation are key features.

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  • 12-June-2014


    Broadband access network speed tests by country

    The actual performance of Internet connections, particularly their speed, is critical to meeting various objectives set out by a range of stakeholders including consumers, policy makers and regulators. This page provides links to network speed tests in OECD countries.

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  • 19-septembre-2012


    Méthodologie de construction des paniers de haut débit sans fil

    L'OCDE a adopté une nouvelle méthodologie pour les paniers de prix des services mobiles haut débit sans fil. Ceci s'ajoute aux paniers déjà existants pour les services vocaux (fixes et mobiles), les lignes louées et les services haut débit fixe, reflétant l'importance grandissante des services haut débit sans fil pour les ordinateurs portables, les tablettes et les smartphones.

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  • 5-August-2011


    OECD Guide to Measuring the Information Society 2011

    This guide provides the statistical definitions, classifications and methods to measure and compare the information society across countries. It provides a standard reference for statisticians, analysts and policy-makers in the field.

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  • 23-March-2010


    Revision of the Methodology for Constructing Telecommunication Price Baskets

    The OECD uses a “basket” methodology to compare retail prices of telecommunication services across countries. This revision will serve as the basis for price comparisons for several years.

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  • 14-October-2009


    OECD telecommunication price baskets

    What are price baskets? How are they built?

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  • 16-May-2006

    English, , 43kb

    OECD Baskets Revision 2006

    This document updates the definitions of the OECD Baskets Definitions 2000 and of the OECD Mobile Baskets Revision 2002.

  • 1-June-2000

    English, , 54kb

    OECD Telecommunications Basket Definitions, June 2000

    OECD-Teligen Ltd. Telephone tariff baskets methodology.

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