• 29-November-2012


    Cybersecurity: Managing risks for greater opportunities

    While the nature of cyber attacks continues to include criminal activities motivated by financial gain, the main emerging threats are large-scale denial of service attacks, information leaks, targeted cyber espionage, and the disruption of critical infrastructures.

  • 30-October-2012


    Technology and game theory

    Mobile phones and e-books are already essential school supplies on many university campuses. But they’re just slide rules compared to what education tools might look like in a few years.

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  • 22-October-2012


    Internet traffic exchange: 2 billion users and it’s done on a handshake

    Every day one exabyte of data is said to travel over the Internet – enough data to fill 300,000 of the world’s biggest hard disks or 212 million DVDs. And astonishingly, according to a new OECD report on Internet traffic exchange, most of the thousands of networks that exchange this traffic do so without a written contract or formal agreement.

  • 17-avril-2012


    « Plus que d'autres, la France lie l'e-Administration à la notion de service public »

    Interview croisée d'un analyste et d'une chef de projet à la direction de la gouvernance publique et développement territorial de l'OCDE à propos de l'administration électronique française.

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