OECD Reviews of Health Systems - Mexico



OECD Reviews of Health Systems: MEXICO

The health status of Mexicans has experienced marked progress over the past few decades.

Nonetheless, health policy in Mexico faces important challenges in ensuring universal access to health care and to insurance coverage and enhancing the efficiency and quality of the health system.

This book describes the strengths and weaknesses of the Mexican health system in terms of access to health care, quality of care, efficient supply of services and the financial sustainability of the system. The report also evaluates reforms to the system with particular emphasis on the recently-introduced System of Social Protection in Health ("Sistema de Protección Social en Salud") and assesses remaining policy challenges facing the Mexican Authorities.

This report is published in English and Spanish.

ISBN: 9264008934
Pages: 158
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Table of Contents

Executive Summary


Chapter 1. Organistion of the Mexican Health Care System

-Salient Features of Mexico: Social and Economic Context, Demographics, and Epidemiology

-Size of the Health Care System in the Mexican Economy

-Health Coverage and Financing

-Service Provision

-Payment of Providers

-Role of Government in Regulation of the Health Sector and Setting National Health Policy

Chapter 2. A Diagnosis of Strengths and Weaknesses of the Mexican Health System

-Access to Health Care

-Quality and Effectiveness of the Mexican Health Care System

-Assessing the Efficiency of the Mexican Health Care System

-The Sustainability of Health Care Spending

-The Longer Term Development of the System and System Governance

Chapter 3. Recent Reforms: Impacts and Prospects

-System for Social Protection in Health (SPSS)

-The Potential Impact of the SPSS

Chapter 4. Policy challenes and Options for Further Reform

-Access to Care and Financing Issues

-Efficiency and Quality Issues

-Systemic Issues



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