• 12-December-2017


    Towards a Stronger and More Inclusive Mexico - An Assessment of Recent Policy Reforms

    Under President Enrique Peña Nieto’s leadership, Mexico has put together the most ambitious reform package of any OECD country in recent times, forged the political consensus necessary to approve it through the unprecedented Pacto por México, promoted these and other reforms in Congress and has started implementing them. The battery of reforms has addressed challenges in policy areas that had been waiting for deep changes for decades, including education, labour, tax, health, telecommunication, and energy and justice, among many others. Mexico still faces important challenges which is why it is crucial for Mexico to continue its reform agenda. It is imperative to strengthen some of the recent reforms, and to keep updating and promoting them to ensure their effective implementation. The OECD stands ready to further accompany Mexico on this path.
  • 27-septembre-2017


    Inclusion financière et entrepreneuriat féminin : témoignages du Mexique

    L'inclusion financière et l'entrepreneuriat féminin concernent les décideurs en raison de leur impact sur la création d'emplois, la croissance économique et l'autonomisation des femmes.

  • 31-January-2017

    English, PDF, 346kb

    Mexico Policy Brief: Raising Productivity in Small traditional Enterprises

    Increasing productivity levels in small enterprises holds the potential to revive productivity growth and reduce income inequalities.

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  • 10-January-2017


    Mexico: Reforms are starting to bear fruit, but further action is needed to boost productivity and ensure more inclusive growth, OECD says

    Ambitious structural reforms and sound macroeconomic policies have strengthened the resilience of the Mexican economy despite a complex national scenario and challenging global conditions, but more can be done to boost productivity and ensure that growth is inclusive enough to achieve better living conditions for all, according to a new report from the OECD.

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  • 10-January-2017


    Presentation of the 2017 Economic Survey of Mexico

    Mexico's macroeconomic fundamentals are solid and well administered, monetary policy is appropriate and independent and is handled in a responsible way, and the reforms are beginning to show results. Mexico is improving its capacity for growth from within. But much remains to be done to transform these reforms into inclusive growth. Much more must be done to end poverty.

  • 10-janvier-2017


    Etude économique du Mexique 2017

    Le Mexique a lancé un vaste programme de réformes structurelles visant à mettre fin à trois décennies de croissance lente, de faible productivité, de présence généralisée du secteure informel sur le marché du travail et de fortes inégalités des revenus.

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  • 12-February-2016


    OECD Reviews of Pension Systems: Mexico

    This review assesses the Mexican pension system according to the OECD best practices and guidelines, and draws on international experiences and examples to make recommendations on how to improve it. It provides an international perspective on Mexico’s retirement income provision and a short and focused review of the Mexican pension system. The review covers all components of the pension system: public and private pension provision for public and private-sector workers. It provides recommendations, using OECD’s best practices in pension design, on how to improve the Mexican pension system and thus ameliorate the retirement income that people may receive from the pension system.
  • 14-October-2015


    OECD reports wide gaps in well-being across Mexico’s states

    Improvements in health, access to basic services and housing have contributed most to raising standards of living of Mexicans over the past 15 years but further advances are needed to bring well-being indicators closer to the average of OECD countries, according to a new report.

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  • 18-September-2015


    Corporate Governance of Company Groups in Latin America

    This report provides an overview of frameworks and experience in Latin America and internationally in dealing with the challenges associated with corporate governance of company groups. It describes their economic rationale, benefits and relevance in Latin America, and how they are defined, overseen and regulated. It also delves into some of the risks and more specific challenges involved in ensuring protection of minority shareholder rights and managing or minimising conflicts of interest within groups. It notes the rising importance of Latin American-based multinational company groups. Finally, it reviews existing international and regional guidance on corporate governance of company groups before assessing the more specific policy options and challenges in the region, and describing the conclusions reached by the Latin American Corporate Governance Roundtable and Task Force on Company Groups based on this report’s findings. Country-specific chapters provide more specific descriptions of the frameworks in place for corporate governance of company groups in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru.
  • 6-July-2015


    Conferencia Magistral sobre ¨El Futuro de la Productividad¨ - Una Productividad de Todos y Para Todos

    Bienvenidos a este primer Diálogo Global sobre el Futuro de la Productividad. Me da mucho gusto poder lanzar esta iniciativa, en colaboración con el Gobierno de México y con la participación del Secretario de Hacienda de nuestro país, Luis Videgaray, así como de Enrique Iglesias, una de las personas que más ha luchado por mejorar la productividad de América Latina.

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